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    destiny island gang...the usual spots?!

    all right im awake now. and i based my speculation on who they could be on what DiZ said to roxas before so maybe nobodies take on different traits then the original person. who knows
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    riku's true keyblade

    nah its cool thanx for the info i can sleep soundly now;)
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    13 super heartless

    you mean the thing stuck to the mountain? i remember that from that old movie that had mickey messing with his masters hat( im pretty sure its that one cant remember the name though)
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    riku's true keyblade

    still very confusing... was this mentioned in CoM? havent finished it yet, goin through on my emulator
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    destiny island gang...the usual spots?!

    yea lol i was sleepy when i typed this. i came back after falling asleep then waking up then checkin on this and i was like thats weirdXD. but roxas doesnt look like sora that much, so it could be a possibility. but i thought of what might be a hole in my theory. wouldnt they remember who they...
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    riku's true keyblade

    i was wondering the name of the keyblade too. in one talk with him after fighting luxord he says that his weapon is souleater, but when you look on the menu it says its the way to dawn. which one is it?
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    destiny island gang...the usual spots?!

    all right just had an idea. remember when destiny islands was swallowed up by the darkness? that had to mean that selphie,tidus, and wakka had to become heartless right? well what if they actually had nobodies as well. which turn out to be the usual spots(hayner,pence,olette). i mean cause i...
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    Secret Ending: What's he standing on?

    yea the next game would prolly be about the past. id love that:) regarding the monster maybe its the nobody of the guard armor we fight in kh1? it looks all armory and it looks like its got claws on the bottom of the picture? anyone agree?
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    KH2 Wallpaper?

    try this website: www.animepaper.net go to wallpapers then go to kingdom hearts(btw ya gotta make a account to download the pics but you can still look at em even if you dont)
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    What random things did you notice in KH2?

    in the ending scene where sora lands in the water. his hair starts out all wet but slowly goes back together:D i luaghed when i saw that
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    your bonus level

    anyone ever seen this? its in the menu in status. anyway anyone know whats it supposed to be for? anyone level that up to max yet?
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    "you Beat Sephiroth" Thread

    level-70 key- ultima tries- 6
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Deleted Scenes?!???

    yea just watched the trailer again it is twtnw :D
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Deleted Scenes?!???

    cant forget the part in twilight town(i think) where there were lots of samurai nobodies that pull out their sword one by one, then sora and an org. member( i think) charge each other
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    Fenrir Vs. Ultima

    ultima weapon cause on some enemies strength can easily be blocked, while strong magic cant
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    Energy Crystals

    shamans in the pridlands.
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    help with assasins

    thanks and shady im doin that well cept the ability for sora since i picked the staff both times :(
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    help with assasins

    umm where can you find alot of these guys cause i need 1 twilight gem to complete the list. thanks in advance:D
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    Final Form Selection?!

    guess its a typo but yea they can only be leveled from nobodies check this sticky faq on this site http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=50263
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    interesting... could zell be demyx nobody? hed have had to change his name but it might be... hes also missing that weird tattoo zell had on his face forgot to put sarcasm thing sorry :D