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    Theres a keyblade called "FAKE" wtf

    I believe that was the anti-form dummy Keyblade. Same thing happened to me where I attacked and nothing appeared then the game froze
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    Theres a keyblade called "FAKE" wtf

    There is also another Keyblade called anti-Form Dummy. However once you equip it the game freezes....
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    Did anyone max out all of they're drive forms?

    the Max levels for all four forms are level 7
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    Where is Yen Sid?

    It's after you finish the 1000 heartless battle I think...
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    what level did you beat septhroth at ?

    But what difficulty? lol
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    Final Form

    Out of curiosity do you need to be in a battle or can you do it in a safe area without one?
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    Okay I get the point of if someone dies they turn into a heartless and the left overs make their nobody. But here is where I am a tad confused. Sora turned into a heartless then changed back (simple) But... what happened to his heartless form? did he use that to regain himself or did it just...
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    what do u think the only down sides are to kh2

    that is the point I was making.... I wanted to play AS Roxas longer then a damn hour instead of hearing him moan and groan about his existance.... Still the Axel fight was hot
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    what do u think the only down sides are to kh2

    I have nothing against Cutscenes but OMFG out of the 4 so called hours you play as Roxas almost an hour and a half is the cutscenes and it doesnt end there.... If they added more gameplay then cutscene I would have enjoyed this more then I am now. Overall it is STILL my favorite game of all time.
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    what do u think the only down sides are to kh2

    There are? Heh you learn new things everyday. Ya... proud mode is really challenging. Better then expert on Kingdom Hearts 1 I died 6 times agains the twilight thorn I think is it's name. Then again Roxas WAS level 2.
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    KH2 Keyblades

    Good question. Mine.... would have to be the Oath Keeper and Oblivion. I plan on putting those two on Final Form :)
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    drive modes

    Mine would have to be wisdom with the movements and abilities you get and Final for just the look of it. I mean come on His keyblades HOVER around him. That in itself reeks awesomeness
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    what are u doin to prep/kill time till kh2

    Well I just finished the CoM with Riku in only two days... Now I am starting FF VIII since I never even finished it in the first place heh...
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    what are u doin to prep/kill time till kh2

    I just remembered it I think it was called Expert Mode... (laughs) ya... right. More like average Mode :)
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    what are u doin to prep/kill time till kh2

    Besides class I am going to finish the Chain of memories. Did the Kingdom Hearts 1 with just the kingdom key and taking the sword and tossing the shield on what was the other mode... hard? I can,t remember right now... meh all I know is when Kigdom Hearts 2 comes out I am trying proud mode first...
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    What would make the best music for KH2 opening video?

    The old Adam West Batman theme. If not Sanctuary.
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    What if KHII got delayed

    That or a giant ball of yarn will engulf them
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    What if KHII got delayed

    Let me just put it in words I did the last time. If it was postponed it would be Halo 2 all over again. Only this time I think that the company would face armageddin.
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    Which World would you want to play

    I would have killed for a muppet world but that is just me. *imagines Gonzo forcing sora in a cannon* heh also I love the movie Lady and the Tramp and 101 dalamations. those would have been interesting.
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    More NA VA's

    Oh that Megara My bad I thought he or she was talking about FF VA's. Man I must be tired.... GOOD FIND!