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    There is no KH3 wtf...
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    KH Online

    I have an important news for all of u... I heard from SquareEnix (Someone i don't want to tell his/her name, SECRET, coz this project still secret until i tell it to u)... SquareEnix will make the Kingdom Hearts Online... maybe we can play it like FF XI, so we can play the KH Online at PC, PS3...
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    Is there any strong enemy?

    Do u find any strong enemy after sephiroth? coz sephiroth is piece of cake... i don't have any trouble fight with him.... come on.. i'm really bored with kh2...
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    What do u think bout kh3?

    i think xehanort back with his new ally, that 3 person at the secret ending... coz until now we doesn't beat the 'real' xehanort, we just beat his heartless and his nobody, right? n 1 more thing kh3 at ps3...
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    Final Form!! help me plz

    i'm play in proud mode lvl 100 with ultima weapon BUT i dunno where i can get the final form? where is it? help me? where i can get the final form? at the world that never was? but where? i'm stuck... T_T