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    Who's hotter? (for guys)

    I am wondering why 17 people picked Kiari. She looks like a 10 year old and i don't see how she would be a sexual symbol. Ya, I voted for Aeris.
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    Open Clan

    Hello! Anyone can join my clan I don't care what level or what strength. The first ten people who post will get 100 million just for joining. Please join my clan.
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    at what level did you beat the game

    You can go up to level 255? I beat it at level 54.
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    sora vs older sora

    I believe that Young Sora would win because Older Sora would be cocky and think he could take on young Sora. I don't see much of an age difference. One is just more experienced then the other.
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    What Did Daisy Mean?

    It's kind of obvious that she was suppose to be taking care of the castle.
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    Join my clan

    I have a clan called The Final Bladers. I need a: Heartless-(Final Unknown) Status: In twilight keyblader-(Kingdomofhearts) Status:Pending light keyblader-(DarkWilder) Status: In organization member-(Cous Cous) Status: In The pay is 100 million a week. You must be Level 0-10. The weaker you...
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    Dark Tentacle

    Spell Binder or Fairy Harp Does any one have either of these weapons? I would like to make a deal.
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    The most stupid looking heartless

    haha, a pot spider and a barrel spider are really funny looking for heartless.
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    Experience problem

    I lost against Armour Heartless. I fought him over 3 times after that and I only get 400 exp when I use to get 1000. Can someone fix this please?
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    What's Your favorite Keyblade

    I like the Olympia the best.
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    If someone Died!!!

    Re: Someone Dies!!! It doesn't really matter to me so ya.
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    Cloud's Blade

    I thought he had a different blade in Kingdom Hearts. But it's called the buster sword.
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    Who is your favorite model? Haha mine is Aria Giovanni.