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    Team Rank

    Hi, does anyone know how the game decide if a team is Rank S,A,B or C?
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    Team Keyblade

    I've seen that there are the keyblade for every team, but I don't know how to take this, someone could explain me how?
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    How to enter in a party

    Hi, I've seen a video on youtube of Kingdom hearts X and the player had 69 AP. I send him a message and I asked him how did he get more AP. He reply to me and he said that to have more AP you must enter in a party. I don't know how to enter in a party, so I hope someone of you knows it
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    How to have powerful cards

    Hi, I opened this thread 'cause I'm playing kingdom hearts X and I have a question. I've seen some videos of people who have many R+ and SR cards, and they are only at lv.20. I'm at lv.18 and I have only 3 R cards and 2 R+ cards, so I would like to know how did they get all of theese cards. If...
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    Hello everybody

    Hi, I found this site while i was searching for a guide to Kingdom Hearts X. It seems a good forum, so I decided to make registration. I hope to stay well here.....Oh, and my name is Broskinator97