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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    what consol will this be in? PS2 or 3? it will be cool if its on 3. awsome graphics :D i hope...
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    new theory for chasers

    i agree. it has some truth to it. but it can be some over crazed fan just wrighting anything. Wikipedia is free for anyone to wright that kinda stuff... (no disrespect to wikipedia.) (FOREVER WIKIPEDIA!) Nomura might mix KH3 with FF: Versus XIII. i cant stop thinkin what KH3 or watever might...
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    I've Discovered A Connection Between Ff Vs. 13 And Kh2's Secret Video!

    this is a good theory/ watever it is... ITS SORA GROWN UP!!! LOL!!!!
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    Hayner vs. Seifer

    Squal leonhart jumped in and killed Seifer and then Hayner clubed Squal to the death and then he finaly got an ulcer. (its that thing he said when he was eating sea salt icecream) then sephiroth comes in and parties
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    Hayner vs. Seifer

    Axel jumped in and did a suicide kamikaze attack killing everyone
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    create a cutscene for kh2

    ^ and then riku comes up and steals Kairi leaving the Keyblade only to blade.
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    create a cutscene for kh2

    Squall Leon: YOU!!! ITS TIME U DIE!!! Siefer: huh? wha??? Squal: U gave me this stupid SCAR!! Seifer: I never gave u a scar im just a kid! Rai: YEAH! y'know? Squal: Shut up... Seifer: Fine u want to fight OUTSIDER! Squal: Outsider? lame... *Seifer pics up the struggle bat thing in defense*...
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    axels original name

    Ale sounds the best
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    Sora and company in Hollow Bastion Question

    IN KH2 trailer u see Sora and company in Hollow bastion about to fight the ORG XIII. And you must be thinking how do we get there???? the ANSWER IS IT IS NOT ON KH2!!! it was on KH1 Final Mix. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organization_XIII#XIII._Roxas read the part on Xemnas
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    KH2 Cutscenes archive

    Re: *Update 1/21* All KH2 Cutscenes Available File Front Is Back!! Download Time!
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    KH3... on PS3, PSP, or something else?

    Does anyone have info on what console it will be on? but i strongly guess it will be PS3. I MEAN LOOK AT THE THREE KNIGHTS!!! HOW WILL THEY ANIMATE THAT AT THE PS2!!:confused:
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    Rikus new look

    -oops double posted sorry
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    Rikus new look

    I liked him better in KH2 in his ORG outfit and blindfold
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    Secret Ending: What's he standing on?

    ive just noticed in Deep Dive video it said that the Nobodys are the third enemy. meaning whats the first?
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    what is your fav thing a character said in kh2?

    When Sora and Donald and goofy save Auron and ask him for some little thanks. iforgot what they said... Can somebody quote it?
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    Whats the best? KH1, KH COM or KH2

    Whats the best game? out of the three?
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    Fenrir? huh? another? and another?

    after the scene with one Fenrir, the scene thats after that. pause it i saw 2!!! try using utube to pause.
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    KH2 secret video *SPOILERS*

    it cant be in the past because it says "memories of Xehanort" meaning its in the feature
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    Fenrir? huh? another? and another?

    in the secret ending i saw Fenrir. then the next shot i paused it and saw another Fenrir! and in the same shot another!!! that means there are three fenrirs!!! :confused: i think there is also a gunblade on the floor and the sleeping lion keyblade
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    American Secret Ending

    Nice armor:P HUGE keyblade