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    Titan Cup...5000 POINTS?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!

    Hmm ok I'll try that. Thanks!!
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    Titan Cup...5000 POINTS?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!

    Yeah I really don't see how this is possible. Can someone help me with tips or something please???
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    Funny mistake in the strategy guide...

    I found this last night...well under Simba's limit commands it says "King's Pride", but then when you look under Tron's limits on the next page is says "Tron's Pride" instead of whatever it's supposed to be. That cracked me up. XD
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    "Double-Disc Mode"?

    Ok I've heard that there is supposedly a thing called "Double-Disc Mode" that you can enter when you beat the game with certain circumstances. You supposedly can load up you file from KH and play with all of your stats from KH in KH2. This sounds REALLY cool and I want to know if any of you know...
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    Some unanswered questions in KHII

    I won't lie though, the Ursula thing really annoys me!! Like every other enemy's revival is explained except for hers. Hmm...
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    hu is the coolest Organization member? Axel?

    I like Xigbar's voice because he sounds like a surfer dude or something like "Yo man wanna go catch some waves?" haha it just cracks me up. And I love Demyx he's hillarious!!!! Dance, water, dance!!!! BUT Axel is definately coolest.
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    Disney 411!

    Haha Jesse's so dumb. "I used to play the original Kingdom Hearts when I was a kid." Psh haha newsflash that was only like 3 years ago buddy. And not only did Brittany Snow say that Roxas travels to different worlds, but she also says Namine is Roxas' "spiritual guide". The only one who knows...
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    twilght thorn

    Yeah it's definately Darkside's nobody. That's probably the reason that entire sequence was exactly like the Darkside sequence in KH...Roxas = Sora's nobody, Twilight Thorn = Darkside's nobody.
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    Kingdom Hearts Simple and Clean Super Mix

    NUMURA told YOU to leave a secret message in it? Please tell me you're joking.
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    Sora's story...over?

    I heard that there won't be any more Sora in KH3...is his story over??? I heard that they are going to start with fresh characters with close ties to the first games but I don't know...if we can't play as Sora in KH3 I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WILL DO!!! I LOVE SORA!!! When I started playing KH2 as...
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    Cid and Aerith voices

    AERITH'S VOICE IN KH2 ANNOYED THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to cut off my ears every time I heard that b**** squealing!! GAH! They should've stuck with Mandy Moore, seriously.
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    What random things did you notice in KH2?

    Hmm yeah I'm playing the game again and Demyx telling you to "Run run run away!!!" STILL makes absolutely no sense. That might just be the most random thing in the whole game, if you ask me :p
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    Problems with the strategy guide?

    Yeah I was a lot more pleased with the 1st sg...definately more descriptive about everything in general. It seems like they rushed through this one...
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    Problems with the strategy guide?

    I don't know if I'm just stupid or something but I can't seem to find anything I need in the strategy guide! For instance, I'm very dissapointed with everything having to do with the items. I NEED to have all of the items in the game or I freak out, and the guide doesn't do a very good job...