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    need help

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    can anyone give me any details on cloud's side story?
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    so who the hell hasn't got a keyblade in kh2 there's sora, roxas riku, kairi, ansem, mickey any more i don't know about? i thought the keyblade made sora unique but now everyone has one
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    who's the tallest

    is it me or is kairi taller than sora??
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    destiny islands

    ok i will re-phrase do you get to return to destiny islands b4 the end either as sora or roxas?
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    destiny islands

    just wondering do you get to go back to destiny islands in kh2?
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    KH2 cutscene spoilers

    http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=kKzaixrrAgY&feature=Recent&page=3&t=t&f=b Check this out (SPOILERS)
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    XIII order

    I don't know if this has been posted b4 but on the japenese kh2 website they have added the XIII order in the character page and the enigmatic man is number 13
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    playable characters

    will you switch between sora and BHK regulary or do you control bhk for a short time at the start?
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    Last Two Forms Revealed

    white form sounds awesome maybe you will fuse with BHK although that would make sora complete but i cant think of anyone who would create a white form when fused. Xaldin you r a legend
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    new yellow form

    the form isn't slow it's just the drive bar lack depletes quickly the yellow form is both strong and fast
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    zappopimp or watever your name is you are wrong so just go to bed now so you can calm down and rethink all of wat you said
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    Kazeki (BHK???)

    makes sense but i don't think thats his name
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    Final Boss

    I think it will be a combined form of all the organization members the dead ones brought back by diz/ansem. this will give you the chance to fuse with bhk to make something like twilight form you coul then have riku and king mickey in your party this it probably never going to happen but i...
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    how long kh2 vill be

    easily 70 hours wiv the added worlds and increased size along wiv BHK's story and the side story including cloud so it could actually be longer than that.