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    keybalde pic need help

    Ok guys here is your mission i need a good 2D pic of the ultima weapon (kh2 style) im ganna sketch it for art class, NE ways i need this pic and can`t seem to find it. PS i have not been on since i got KH2 so srry if this has been asked before.
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    Questions that need to be answered!!

    1. my valor form is level 5, the ammount of experience needed says 0. whats up with that, any suggestions? 2. i cant seem to get final form any more i got it once but forgot to save is there an area that gives me a higher chance of getting it back? 3. i cant seem to get the 5,000 points...
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    poster duty

    i mean as Roxas
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    poster duty

    ok what was the fastest you could put up all the posters my best time was 0'58''19'''
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    Funniest thing happened to me!

    t i beat xaldin my first try and mickey never came help me either.
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    where is this???? ( those who have the game )

    OK has anybody gatten to this scene yet cuz i beat the game and have not seen this when how and where do you see it??? http://www.khinsider.com/gallery/img75.htm
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    Where do you get the Recipie for ultama?

    remember at the beginin of the game on the 6th day were roxas sees donald and goofy for the first time its in that room but you have go back as sora.
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    My Personal Reveiw of Kingdom Hearts 2

    Nice review man oh and the thing about the magic and how it is useless, well what about the time when you go back to the POTC world and you fight the Grim Reaper, you have to use some kind of magic to get some of the coins back, am i right. well any way i guess what im saying is i use magic all...
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    Does anyone create new Gummi Ships?

    I havent, ................. YET! but eventually i will when i have the patience for it. the other game was realy confusing when it came to building the gummy ship and time consuming. I didnt like plus i like the original stuff anyways. that would explain why i havent used any other keyblade in...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 VA's

    I think the voice acting was preety good, i mean once you get used to them.
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    Save the King and Queen

    or if you have the guide like me The LE guide, then it will tell you where every thing is at in each world.
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    Zexion.....(minor spoiler)

    So if he dosnt want to spoil the "surpise" then that means that there might be another game coming out! Maybe.
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    for those who have the game......

    ok heres my Q. when do you get to this part. cause im at the world that never was and still havent seen this scene. is this only in the japanese version?? Ok when you get there go to the"Screens added on: Sep 24, 2004" and its the second row next to the on with auron in it...
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    weapon list

    yeah iv got the same problem.
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    Sea-salt ice cream (minor spoiler)

    yeah its sea-salt ice cream donald describes what it tastes like after the 1000 heartless fight. its an ice-cream that has a salty but sweet taste the reasom why its in there is because its nomura`s favorite ice-cream
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    Buying from Wal-Mart

    where do you live first of all, i live in NY and walmart dosent get the game untill thursday march-30-2006
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    Poll:Do you have it yet?

    t no im ganna get it tommarow cuz walmart is going to have it in stock the 30th. and im gana get the LE giud the same day.
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    for those who bought the special guide, who got what cover

    Yeah but which one is it look at the poll for your choices, im getting mine when i get KH2 which would be thursday or the weekend.
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    My father and I were talking about it...

    Dude midnight on the 27th would make it the 28th cuz when it is midnight it goues to the next day, DUH!
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    the torture (i finally got kingdom hearts2 thread)

    It $29.99 to be exacted but the reason being that it is a LIMITED EDITIONguide they only sell for a short period of time plus its like the american version of KH ultimania