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    Christianity Vs. Atheism

    When you post a comment, put what religion you are, or if your an atheist, then put ONE reason to support you side. I am a christian by the way. Let the disscusion begin.
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    The REAL explanation of global warming

    ok, so lately ive been hearing stuff like " ohh... go green and stop the climate crisis" well, let me tell you this. there is no crisis. let me explain global warming in a nutshell. Global warming is a process that has been taking place since the begining of time, it is natural, and it goes...
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    Assassins Creed

    Ya this game will go down in history, i think its great... feel free to post your opinions here. have fun.
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    PS3 Fanclub

    Simple, if your not a fan, then please don't join this post, i'm sure that you can find a PS3 HATE thread anywhere. Anyways, just have lotsa fun. ~nick~~
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    i wanna know.....

    Dude id be sweet if like the chosen keyblade warroirs had like the same coats, but just white ~nick~~
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    man i never notice anything of that crap, heck, you could show sora dying, and then the next minute i could play as him and i wouldnt even freaking notice that, anywayss, good mirror theory, they could possibly be putting all of the clues in here just to get us thinking, then theylll like have...
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    This is kinda pathetic...

    Sadley enough, i honestly think you are wrong, kh2's storyline was great, as for the resons that i mentioned above, and it kept you on the freakking edge of your seat the whole TIME!! Which i loved (like a, uh, rollercoaster..hehe yeah,.) but anyways that what i think. ~nick~~
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    This is kinda pathetic...

    Ya, but you gotta admit, the kingdom hearts 2 storyline WAS better than the first, the first one involved to many disney characters, and it kinda took away the seriousness of a really great game, thats what i loved about KH2 (untill mine broke) ,. is that it involved the organization 13, which...
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    KH 3 Possible Theories

    Hi everyone, ive been doing some research lately on the KH 3 trailers and secret footage, and me and my friend have come to some conclusions, If you watch the kh 3 trailer (the one where there is the older ansem looking guy, and when he fights the 3 soldiers) youll notice that at the end, the...