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    Everything We Know About Unbirths So Far

    who knows really, in a way you know the whole thing kinda makes me think of abortion, you know, the baby gets elimanated before it becomes born. although I seriously doubt tetsuya nomura would go as far as to bring ABORTION of all things into the world of kingdom hearts :p on a more serious...
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    Everything We Know About Unbirths So Far

    hmm, well, in my opinion unbirth can be taken two ways. 1. unbirth, meaning never created, so in order for that to make any sense, I guess unbirths would have to been existing since the beggining of time then, or even before that right, something that was never born, but obviously still exists...
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    [Possible] new emblem from JF '08 scan

    These new enemys look so much more demonic than the heartless, maybe their darkness embodiments from hell? lol.
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    Org. members 7-12 names

    if memory serves ale was just an idea that nomura considered to be his name for his favorite drink, but wasn't actually confirmed. so untill I see in the game axel=ale I'm still going with alex. because even if he said it in an interview it still kinda needs to get into the actuall game...
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    Org. members 7-12 names

    really the only name that makes sense to me for axel is alex. you just don't add an x because there's already one for you. also I think marluxia's real name could be sometiming like lumiara.(sounds french) although so does (arlene)
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    Diz, Detonation, Demise, and Darkness

    ok, we all remember the scene where diz commited suicide, by being blown up by the malfunctioning, heart coder machine right, well I got to thinking, when diz was blown up riku sheilded the others from taking the rest of the blast, and for some reason turns back to regular riku, we then see...
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    simple spirit/dis-soul theory.

    this theory isn't that long, but I just got to thinking, the scene in kh2 final mix, where xemnas says it's been a long time friend to the blue armor (aqua) woudn't this mean that she lost the battle (died to the old man in the secret video) if that is the case, she would have to be a some sort...
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    organization XIII eyes, this could be possibly important

    alrighty then, I was just living out my normal day, normal as possible when my sudden obsession for kingdomhearts kicked in. and I just happened to notice that some of the organizations eyes could hold some vague refrence that tetsuya nomura wanted to put across, but anyway. amber yellow eyes...
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] YouTube - KH2FM- Xaldin Data (Critical Mode) xaldin data fight critical, say thank you like a good boy...or girl, depending, whatever you know what i mean just enjoy ok. edit vexen data fight critical YouTube - KH2FM- Vexen Data (Critical Mode) edit 2...
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    new heartless or nobodies?

    so about the final mix, has anyone seen any new heartless or nobodies because nobody is talking about them, so i was wondering are there any new ones at all, oh and also, are there some in new colors, and also, perhaps it would be a good idea to post those new monsters here, if there are any, or...
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] heres a fight with someone wining against critical mode data saix. YouTube - KH2FM- Saix Data (Critical Mode) enjoy (this link better work) (edit) YouTube - KH2FM- Xigbar Data (Critical Mode) this one's someone winning against data critcal mode xigbar...
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] that's odd they work for me... oh well just so you know it's pretty much some guy fighting the organization data clones in the cavern of rememberence, at level 74. and basically get's pwned by them all. especially xaldin larxene roxas axel xigbar demyx...
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] http://youtube.com/watch?v=00-KQf2SYRc nine out of thirteen of the organization data boss battles, yay. on critical mode by the way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv9l8q9Ihmc&NR=1 and numbers 10-13- wow larxene wow.
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] i don't suppose any one has seen a demyx rematch fight or a saix rematch fight, i'm rather surprised they havn't come out yet.
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] does anyone know how to make links i found a video of the mushroom organization 1-9 but i don't know how to make a link.
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] im a little confused. i thought you find the optional organization battles in the hallow bastion secret area where all those keystone portals were and that you went through them and warped to wherever you fight them. but it seems like you find the portal to...
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    New Scans / Interview

    anyone notice that theres a ton of fire in the demyx shot did sora get a fire upgrade or something? firagun perhaps? also looks like demyx is about to drown them all with that waterfall coming down.
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    kingdomhearts III what the new bad guy will be after.

    okay so i was just thinking about what the new villan would be after in kingdomhearts III and so i was thinking back to kingdomhearts 1 and that the main bad guy xehanorts heartless or else known as the seeker of darkness wanted evrything to be consumed in darkness and he also wanted KNOWLEDGE...
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    XALDIN AND MICKEYS ULTIMATE ATTACK... or attack thats simmalar...

    ok i have been wanting to say this for a long time, but has anyone noticed that both xaldin and mickey mouse have a pearl attack. because when you fight xaldin as mickey, and probably most people have... mickey has an attack called pearl. also if you listen carefully xaldin also shouts out his...
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    Square-Enix has a list for KH2: FM+

    just a quick question, but has anyone ever asked why square enix is just considering bringing it to the states and other places and ask why they woudn't immeadiatly bring it here. instead of asking if its coming to the states. sorry if i sound naive? are you allowed to ask such questions?