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    Closeup pics of Riku's Keyblade

    Would it be so hard to ask that once, just once, that the good guys in a Japanese made game be more badass than their enemies? It would've been great if Sora went into one of the dual keyblade forms and beat down Roxas like the sorry little fool he is, but no, he had to make a pathetic...
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    Longer Sephiroth Battle Video

    Hey, at least give the guy some credit. He's actually got the game (which is more than most of us can say), fought Sephiroth (even though he lost) and posted it for the rest of the non-Japanese to see what it's like, so at least respect him for that. No need to degrade his skills just because...
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    Everything Known About Drive Forms**SPOILERS**

    With all due respect ultimate7777, I think the Anti-Sora form does not 'change' in the sense you put it. I think Sora's icon in Halloween town (which includes his halloween costume) just changes to match the fact you are in Dark form, if only for continuity. So, instead of having the...
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    A PLEA FOR HELP! KH2 weaponry image request!

    According to what I have heard, Ultima is not the strongest keyblade. That title goes to Fenrir, (7 attack, 1 magic). However, Ultima is the best overall keyblade (6 attack, 4 magic) and Fenrir as a combo down ability (which is bad). So go Ultima!
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    Riku's weapon and stats

    I thought I'd list down Riku's weapon and stats, when he joins you at the last boss fight. Quoted from Kouli's Kingdom Hearts II guide from GameFAQs: KeyBlade: Wait To The Dawn (Atk=3, Mag=0) Abilities: Dark Aura, Dark Shield, Cure Potion, Eternal Session, Item Up, MP Hastega...