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    Roxas + Keyblades.

    I've always wondered, how important was Roxas to the Organization XIII. Sure, he was Sora's Nobody, but he wasn't just any special Nobody. He was able to wield a Keyblade, not if you look at the symbolic meaning of the two Keyblades he wielded; Oblivion; Increasing of Physical Strength and...
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    Terra, Aqua, Ven, Keyblades, OH MY!

    I've been away from this forum for awhile, my last visit ehre being April 2 of '06. My Kingdom Hearts broke a month right after it was released, and I've just not gotten a new one (up to the last battle with Xemnas and only L51, yes laziness, I know). I decided to lurk these forums once more...
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    What is a Chaser?

    Maybe it'd be Alien vs. Predator?
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    I think I've figured out the remainder of the Organization

    ...So whats the purpose of the EM? Wasn't he the guy in Hollow Bastion who summouned the other members and stands in the middle?
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    Possible RP SL, anyone want to help?

    Storyline If you are familiar with Tales of Symphonia, you may have the idea of the type of Storyline I'm trying to make. The Storyline is about how the Makai, Ningenkai, and Reikai are in turmoil due to the constant war between the three relams due to the imbalance of power and justice., etc...
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    Roxas, an order member?

    -thinks the superior is the EM-
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    Roxas, an order member?

    I can only see the reason of him being an Order Member is for some answers.
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    What would you do

    Things that'd make Satan Blush and cover his eyes.
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    Another Pic of The Disc

    Oh.. my.. god.. The game looks so BEAUTIFUL. -tears-
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    Keyblade Masters

    Hmm.. well.. Sora = Darkness? (Turning to Heartless, etc. thus he's incomplete? Maybe Sora doesn't know he's darkness, thus hints his dark clothing) Riku = Dawn/Light (Dawn = Dark --> Light? He could still use darkness but use the keyblade as a light surpressor?) BHK = Twilight (obvious... )...
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    More Theories Arising?

    I wonder if you still have your memories when you become a shell...
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    what if..

    I doubt this would happen. 1. We own Disney. 2. By selling their productions global, they get more money. x-x
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    What member of the order will be the hardest or your favorite?

    Enigmatic Unknown: So.... your complete? Sora in a new form gets ready. Enigmatic Unknown: You shall soon see, the powers of light and darkness. PWNed.
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    Questions on XIII's true intentions

    I don't think the Superior wishes to rule through true darkness. The Superior/XIII probably want to become twilight with their hearts.
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    Dd/asas *spoiler*

    The scene with BHK and Riku is INDEED within KH2, so... maybe we'll get some answers about the heartless symbol.
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    Let's go over quotes of Deep Dive to bring theories

    Could that quote be similar to the picture someone drew of Sora and a Organizaiton member holding hands?
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    Kingdom hearts 2 going to take forever to beat!

    Longer Time = More fun. I beat KH in a day in a half... not cool. =x
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    BHK name maybe

    You know, it'd be best to just leave his name alone. Whent he game comes out in Japan, we'll know. It'll probably be something that none of us thought, Nomura is unpredictable you could say. =D
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    Bhk = No Heart

    There it is folks, it's been proven that BHK has NO heart and was NOT suppose to EXIST! So all the theories that involved BHK with no heart could still be possible, keyword is some of the theories though. Axel and the BHK are suppose to be reborn? WTF does that mean?:confused: