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    What're you listening to.

    Just say what you're listening to. Forever Scarlett-Drop Dead Gorgeous.
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    Help/Support ► Why is it never me?

    :laugh: Haha, you don't even know half the things we band geeks <3 talk about..
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    Hollow bastion, special fight?

    Alright, thanks everyone.
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    Hollow bastion, special fight?

    Okay, so my best friend said that you can fight Sephiroth (Sorry if i spelled it wrong) in Hollow bastion after completing everything including "The world that never was". So is that even possible? Well anyways, how do I fight him, like where and how do I find him?
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    Help/Support ► Depression

    awwee thats tough man, and your mom wont let you do anything?!?!?!? well hmm? i would say go hang out with your friends and have fun but after the thing you said about your friends telling a shrink, that chenged my mind. if you have music you could listen to it, maybe make new OTHER friends well...
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    Help/Support ► Help!!!!!!

    i dont know about your kiss but royal blue is like a dark blue with a hint of dark purple
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    Help/Support ► Help!!!!!!

    i dont know about your kiss but royal blue is like a dank blue with a hint of dark purple
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    Help/Support ► ~ The Official BF Help Center ( Girls only ) ~

    *sigh* ok so he has a girlfriend but hes always talking to me and plays with my hair and almost everything he likes is what i like and he always walk and talk <3 but i dont understand maybe i can ONLY be his FRIEND not his GIRLFRIEND what do i do?
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    finish the lyrics

    ok so you have to tell what band its from and just say a part of the sone. ill start when i was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band ___________________
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    My Chemical Romance

    whats your favorite song from mcr? whats your favorite song from anywhere? mines black parade and favourite band member is mikey and i have many favorite songs
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    Help/Support ► Hey

    yeah i agree but at out school its more like being not goth is unique, but some people look pretty dam* hot
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    Help/Support ► A situation making me feel gloomy...

    you dont suck :) and everybody's good at something thats good =)
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    Help/Support ► Feeling down... again

    well if you are down and depressed then go hang out with friends and go watch a movie and have fun to get your mind out of things. FEELBET TER
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    Help/Support ► for those who watch anime, please read and answer this

    they're obviously a$$es and get a boyfriend to beat them up! XP lol jk just tell them to knock it off (they probably say its porn cause thats all they watch, jk lol anyways tell them the anime you watch and when they see it they know...
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    A Missing Letter?

    ok the letter...maybe the dog takes it so that michey knows that soras supposed to be there idk im not making any sense
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    Help/Support ► ~ An Interesting Situation ~ (Long Read)

    if i was her id dump that 19 year old wannabe boyfriend
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    Help/Support ► ~ An Interesting Situation ~ (Long Read)

    she probably likes you, well if she flirts with you then you can tell, just trust me
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    Please answer this!

    idk your first question but you can play gba games on a ds (but not those big gba games but the small ones if ya know what i mean, so it can fit, you'll see)
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    Help/Support ► ~ An Interesting Situation ~ (Long Read)

    what i dont understand is, why would her parents let her go out with a 19 year old? i mean im only aloud to go out with people in my grade
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    Help/Support ► Help... Please

    like ktd said because little skool crushes go in a breeze but if you LOVE him, well thats another different story...