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    Titan Cup...5000 POINTS?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!

    Stitch + Ohana + Mash Square. If your summon lvl is high enough, you can use Ohana up to 3 times. Very easy points. I have never used Peter Pan...so...yeah.
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    Backshot Fenir

    Backshot? That is the normal finishing move.
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    Twilight Gems...anywhere but Assassins?!

    I've been running around in Yen Sid's tower killing assassins. All I get are Dense Gems... I have Sweet Memories equipped, Meteor Staff, and Genji Shield. (Those all have Lucky Lucky on them) I also have the actual ability equipped on all 3 of us. I have gotten ONE Twilight Gem. Is there...
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    Your favorite Limit attack in KH2?

    Knocksmash and Trinity Limit alone. Session is ok, I guess.
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    Who said you couldn't beat Xaldin on Proud with less than lvl 45...?

    Because I just beat him on lvl 35 You'll just have to believe me, I don't have a pic to proove it...and IF I DID take a pic of my stats then a pic of him beaten, you would say it was fake...or something like that. I know someone WILL disagree with me. I'll just have to deal with it... Well...
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    X-play Review

    I predict a 4. It's just them. They'll find the smallest flaws and exploit them ;D Thats what I like. They don't really have biased reviews against games (*cough* usually...) I'll laugh at their poking fun and (a 90% chance of) innuendos :P I <3 X-Play (Lol)
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    The KH2 NOVEL.

    I can tell by the cover that it's definitely a manga.
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    Why do you have to kill a boss with a finisher?!

    Argh! I hate that. It's annoying enough with Xemnas, though he's knocked out when you finish him. It is so irritating, especially if you have just healed and have Berserk Charge on...I had to heal from Sephiroth an extra 2-3 times just to finish him off. Probably the most annoying, though, is...
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    Hardest Boss in the World that Never Was.

    Xemnas hands down for me. Even though I was only lvl 37 when I beat Xigbar, once I learned his moves it was pretty easy... I was only lvl 39 when I fought Xemnas Final Form, and he pwned me easily (literally) 30+ times, maybe even 50+, lol. Like Ferry, I lost a lot when I had to be Riku because...
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    about anti-form

    Lol, a glitch. Why would Nomura's people program in a form that was a GLITCH? It happens from over-using the drive forms... Of course you can't just drive purposely into anti, because it is RANDOM ...
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    Location of my last Limit?

    Its before Simba/King's Pride and after Jack/Applause, applause. I've been filling out my journal lately and I'm gonna have some questions later too, probably :P Help appreciated =)
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    American Secret Ending

    Take off all your finishers and combo pluses. Equip Fenrir and a negative combo. Push the boxes together, and do the combo move. If you did it right, you should flip in the air and slam the keyblade down. It should break most of them. Its actually really easy :D
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    ~Best places for training drives, period (May be some spoilers)

    (Wow, 2 topics in like 10 minutes. 1 for helping me and one for helping others :D) Here's the places I used to level my forms. I heard this from other people, (except for valor- made that one myself) so I'm not taking all the credit here ^_^ The descriptions I got weren't very detailed either...
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    Maniac Training - 1k Points.

    Yeah, there have probably been a bunch of threads about this, but, honestly, help me out here. I have all my combo pluses off, a combo minus on, Fenrir, and my finishers, so basically all i do is a finisher for the whole combo ^_^ I got arouond 600 points max with just going into the giant...
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    Best place to level up all summons? (And a really good Final would be good too)

    I'm gonna level up all my summons (which I have never used before...rofl). I have beaten the game, so, what would be the best place for all of them? Or even specific places for each would help. Also, what are the BEST places for final? In TWTNW, I get like...7xp per run...which makes me go...
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    ...The space ship dragon thingy...is really easy. (And I did it at lvl 39) ...No, you don't. Again, I beat him at lvl 39, standard mode, no final form needed. Just lots of retries...lol
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    Cerberus tournament?!

    It should be there later depending on how far you are. 13th Member was talking about the Paradox cups, which I won't go into detail about.
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    wardrobe room in twilight town

    No...they are telling us a description of the forms...Omg...
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    Funny parts and jokes of Kh2

    "If I had any emotion, this is where I would die of laughter." -Saix It was kind of funny if you were there.
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    wardrobe room in twilight town

    A mirror says "An image of utilizing all abilities flows into your mind." Master = Magic + Strength, all abilities.