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    I believe Riku was meant to get the keyblade, but he turned to darkness. So it went to Sora. The next strongest heart that was pure. We don't know to much about Sora's past though.
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    I made a post explaining why any of the 3 (Sora, Riku, Kairi) could die and the probable causes of it. Here it is. Rep Power: 0keybladehitokiri is an unknown quantity at this point Default Re: sora and kairi's meeting!an IMPORTANT EVENT Quote: Originally Posted by DragonRider1234 i say one of...
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    Steamboat Willie world?

    Who the heck is steamboat willie? Is it that steamboat mickey would always drive in the old black and white shows... And then Pete would try and destroy him at any means nesascary,
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    DiZ theory

    Maybe it was a writing block... lol. The really couldn't of put an x in there I mean, Dix? Do you know how many wise-cracks would be made off of that. lol But no x being in there is odd, I don't think we know enough about XIII organization to give a meaningful post.
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    sora and kairi's meeting!an IMPORTANT EVENT

    Yes that would make an interesting turn of events, I'd say if anyone died the most expendable character would of been Riku. *Waits for screaming hoards of Riku fans to come after him with torches and pitchforks* *after lynch mob is over* Anyways.... I really don't think Sora would die I just...
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    Meaning of Hikari?

    Yeah, Sora Means air or sky in japanese and Riku means Earth, Kairi means a nautical mile (water) Most names have meanings, alot of names have Biblical backgrounds also. While others take credit from different civillizations.
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    Manga(is this a wrong place to put this?)

    Well aku-tenshi did stop translating the kh manga due to someone liscensing it, so it must of been tokyopop getting in the way of my free KH manga. :((
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    How do you think KH2 should end?

    No now the best plot twist would be this, in KHII Sora would vow to destroy the source of all heartless but at the end of KHII, he finds out that Kairi is the source. This all could of happened to her while she was in Hollow Bastien, and then Sora is faced with that decision to either destroy...
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    Is KH affiliated with the Bible!!!

    Lol, we're making connections in the dark. The game designers wanting to get their paycheck so they decided to make an amazing rpg with a literal light vs darkness. Light vs. Darkness is in most storys, most games, and most tv shows. If you've played Metroid Prime, its Samus vs. the Space...
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    Kiaris new look

    I believe she was about 14 in KHI, and now 16 in KHII.
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    Mickey's Key Is Light; so not Sora????

    awwwww.... No comments on my theory, lol.
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    keyhole theory

    I'm not sure but maybe N.E.O's are the main enemy in this game and not the heartless. Heartless may not be able to pass thru the barriers but maybe N.E.O's can.
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    if you could change the game......

    Maybe make a storyline for an army of keyblade users, that there wasn't just a few keyblades, but that a keyblade was an extention of the heart. So anyone with a strong heart could go into battle. Then you could choose sides, dark light or twilight. Maybe customize your keyblades, turning them...
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    Is KH affiliated with the Bible!!!

    I guess you could see a correlation between Ansem and Lucifer, but who knows. There have been quite a few storys out there where good guy becomes corrupted, the heartless must of seemed like an infinite power at Ansem's fingertips. Thus absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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    Kiaris new look

    I haven't heard any news from Square-Enix (not squaresoft), about that not being Kairi. I think that would of been mentioned anyhow, there was talk before that the RHG was some new character, but in the new Jump Festa trailor we got to see her face, so it became pretty obvious that it was Kairi...
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    Mickey's Key Is Light; so not Sora????

    I'd rather think Riku would be considered twilight due to the end of Reverse Rebirth. And I don't think any keyblade has one purpose. A keyblade is all about the heart. We may come to find out that a keyblade is just the physical representation of one's heart. If a person's heart is strong...
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    Is KH affiliated with the Bible!!!

    Wow, a nice and well thought out post, Hidden. I personally don't think the designers meant to put any connection with the Bible. Every show I watch is between the conflict of good and evil, and pretty much every book. Now the entire balance thing gets on my nerves, if there must be conflict for...
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    Who else is s**tting themselves right now?

    It was an a amazing trailor when I saw some of the aerial moves Sora was doing, and then how cool and fast the gummi ships were, I was standing up, jaw down, O_O. If there really isn't any plans for making KH2 for GC then I'm gonna have to go buy a ps2 for one dang game lol.
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    Gummi Ship boss fights?

    Actually I believe it is a boss type I think it changed scenes to a different gummi fight. I loved the gummi ships especially building them, I build quite a few cool ships, what I hated is when you had wings on both sides but you could never get one wing to be equal with the other, one was a...
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    Air Spell and a New Dodge Move

    I'm gonna say its a sliding attack what the heck is Sora dodging from, maybe there's a way to attack under the beast since I saw a little sparkly cloud underneath the beast.