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    why riku...why?

    there were so many good keyblade wielders so many good ones but why the hell did riku have to give kairi a keyblade it looks so retarded
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    The Ultima Weapon

    the area just before proof of existance has 4 or 5 of them, i needed the exact same thing today actually, got the ultima today to so just trying to help.
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    Beast Castle-Xaldin

    OHHHH... yeah if u think king mickey blows tell me, please because I will listen to what u think is stupid about him.:D:D
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    Beast Castle-Xaldin

    BIG TIP I'V GOT FOR U, the attack that when he gets on the stix is the gayest attack ever, so what u do is this get in to any form but try not get in to anti because u can't heal, and when he is on the dragon stix thing go in to a form because u can't get hurt. Try not to die because mickey...
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    please help!

    O.k. dude i'll help u, what worked for me was that the domb attack he did is really cheap so get in to valor and use the jumping LV.3 or LV.MAX,then at hte right time (u will know when the time is) right:rolleyes:, then go right to him and beat him silly:D, and that is a good way to kill. Or u...
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    HELP!! POSTER DUTY in twilight town

    Here's the trick, the thing u do is get the skate board.
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    Evil Riku! Need Help to defeat this madman please!

    DUDE...I've asked everyone do u know how to post reply's:confused:
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    fatal crest

    i've seen pictures of all the keyblades in kingdom hearts 2 and one of the keyblades it showed was fatal crest, but i cant find any information on it anywhere, is it a real keyblade or not?