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    1st annual KH2 Joke-Off!

    if I'm still in, here mine: *Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy on the set of KH, 3 years ago) Sora: damn! I'm so bored! Kairi: you can't cuse! it a E-rated game. Sora: oh my bad. Donald *thinking*: I got a idea! *Donald whispering into Sora and Goofy ear, "blah blah blah blah"* *Sora...
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    Are they even going to make Kingdom Hearts II?

    acually we really don't when KH2 coming out, but at the end of the Jump Festa 2005 Trailer, it said "Coming In 2005 For The PlayStation 2". the reason KH2 is taking so freckin long is because they recreating the battle system from scratches, and they also are making a more darker storyline from...
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    11 New Screens!

    pretty cool! :D news just keep on rolling in!
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    Deep Dive discovery!

    wow I never notice that before! so DWU is acually BHK! (if you saw the E3 2005 trailer, you know what I mean) you got good watching eyes Edmpunk, thanks :)
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    Cell Phones In Kh2?? I Dout It

    they got cell phones in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children :)
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    i played final mix and its soooo much better!

    how can be "sooooooo much better" if it only in Japanese? (Unless you know Japanese) and yes Gunblader Lionheart there a device (I forgot the name) that you can order from the Internet and you install it into your PS2 and you would be avabible to play English and Japanese imported games, but...
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    Help on making my Homepage

    I planning to make my own homepage called "Abyss Of The Farplane". It all about Final Fantasy X-2 :D. does anyone know how to make a website and how to put pictures and downloads on it? :confused: and how do I put a song in the background? some extra advice would be helpful. ;)
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    Vincent is a character from Final Fantasy VII
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    Stuff you might not of known about Kingdom Hearts(or U might know!)

    wow that really cool, most I didn't know. :)
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    Final Fantasy X Temple Song

    anyone know about the song in Final Fantasy X playing when you get a aeon and when your in a temple? what are the lyrics? I was wondering, does the song have something to do with a ancient religion or something? :confused: I know this may sound crazy, but I just want to know.
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    Did anyone else notice?

    they do look a little alike, but not much
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    Castle Oblivion A COMPUTER??!!

    the only reason I got on his "bad" list is because I said a stupid theory about DiZ not being Ansem shell and KL just added me on there. but I'm REALLY a good girl! honest!
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    Can Somebody Explain This? please...

    if you use a GameShark for the PS2, you can go there in the U.S. version of KH, but it damaged your game.
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    Castle Oblivion A COMPUTER??!!

    whoa 0_O I never thought of that but you do got a point there, maybe Castle Oblivion IS a computer because: 1. when Sora think of Kairi, Kairi appears but Namine appears in Kairi place in some digital way. 2. when Riku found Mickey but Mickey is a illusion. 3. when Riku beat Riku Replica the 2nd...
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    A plan to unlock the secret of kh2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

    Re: A plan to unlock the secret of kh2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! KH2 is NOT out in Japan yet! Square-Enix said they are gonna do a world-wide release for KH2. but I like your idea on translating KH2 Japanese guide.
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    If you were trapped on Destiny Islands what would you do?

    explore the whole island, flirt with Sora and Riku :D, make friends with Kairi, spend the night at Kairi house, and learn how to fight.
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    Private Trailer Summary (Deep Dive World)

    I want to see this trailer bad!
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    Destiny Island, Traverse Town, Monstro, Neverland, Hollow Bastion, End of the World, and Kingdom Hearts
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    KH2 cast update

    it look right, but it only show half of the whole cast.
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    huh? they are acually using Steamboat Willie?! that cartoon is almost 80 years old!