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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiny Islands

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Life On Destiney Islands This is hilarious you got some funny Shiitake noodles in this one. I look forward to the next installment
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    Your Best Deck!

    New and Improved Level 93 HP:440 EXP:823064 Deck NAme:Kisagura Diamond Dust 8 One Winged Angel 7 Ultima Weapon 5 Kingdom Key 3 Tree Wishes 8 Crab Claw 4 CrabClaw 6 Kingdom Key 5 Three Wishes 4 Kingdom Key 9 Kingdom Key 8 Kingdom Key 8 Kingdom Key 2 Kingdom Key 2 Kingdom Key 2 Lady Luck 3...
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    Stat Glitch

    Hello my RPG name is Suicune Kisagura. For some reason my stats are in negatives and my HP is only 17 max! Is there any1 who can help me
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    Your Best Deck!

    xcuse me but where is the ultima keyblade i just keep getting the one winged angel
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    Your Best Deck!

    Cool my deck consists of Sora Level:84 HP:410 MaxCP:1525 Expierience:612036 Next Level:625015 Moogle Points:102...I a little broke..anywho0 Deck Name:Luminous Cards:53 Cp:1496 Kingdom Key 5 Kingdom Key 5 Kingdom Key 5 Three Wishes 3 Kingdom Key 7 Crab Claw 4 Kingdom Key 0...
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    Namine? A witch? Bulls**t!

    Yeah i would call u a witch 2 if u were 2 mess with some1's heart for the helluva it
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    Not beaten the Game Yet???

    I beat all the bosses i just dont have the ultim keyblade it'z a work in progess
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    Megaman X:Command Mission

    This is the most reknown role-playing-game in the X series.Megaman recieves a new armor the "stealth armour"Anyway just post on questions,reveiws,cheats,codes,tips,cetra cetra