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    The good old days

    *sigh* You know, when you spend a lot of time away from people, and distractions, it really helps you remember what's truly important. It helps you remember the times of your life in which you were the happiest. After yet another absence, I've decided to come back to KHInsider. Dont...
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    Ultimate Gun Fight

    Ok, basically this is another "who would win" threads. This time it's a gun fight though. Here are the combatants: =MASTER CHIEF= -First Appearance: Halo(xbox) -Signature weapons: BR55 Battle Rifle, M7/Caseless SMG, 52 AM Sniper Rifle, M19 SSM Rocket Launcher, M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade...
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    Favorite sport to play

    No matter how unfit, or how much of a couch potato a person is, everybody has a favorite sport to play. Even if they've only played that sport a few times, there's usually one sport that a person has enjoyed playing more than any other sport. So anyway, having said that, what is your favorite...
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    Help/Support ► My life's a big depression

    there are no guaranteed solutions for emotional depression, although i suppose i could share some of my knowledge with you: -chasing after women is a pointless effort. eventually a woman of your desire will come to you, despite how unlikely it may seem. until that day, i would suggest not...
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    Help/Support ► Please help me

    well, i found a solution that caused me to lose a lot of weight,(even though, it wasn't my original plan) but unfortunately, it may not be a possibility for everyone out there. i spent almost an entire year in a small house in the woods. there was a very limited supply of food and quite a lot...
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    Help/Support ► She kissed me while I was sleeping

    it may sound too straightforward, but it still works. besides, it helps to get some specific advice, instead of just something vague.
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    Help/Support ► She kissed me while I was sleeping

    people have a bad habit of overestimating destiny. destiny is an efficient guide, but it cant tell you whether you're going to succeed or fail, and you shouldn't let it try to. the truth is, it's human nature to try to predict what will happen next, even though in our hearts, we all know it's a...
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    Help/Support ► She kissed me while I was sleeping

    you're very welcome. if you really want to return this favor, just make sure you hold on to these times as firmly as possible. it'll make me happier knowing that even though i'm tired of playing the hero for so many people, i'm still capable of helping people that are in need. i lost my...
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    Help/Support ► What could happen?

    all wounds heal with time. he'll forgive you within the next week. just make sure to leave the problem where it is, and dont bother with it after it's done.
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    Help/Support ► Job? job!

    look for department stores, like walmart, target, jcpenney, etc. places like that are typically looking for new people. it's horrible and painful to have to work in a place like that, but you're grown up, sealight. you probably know exactly what kind of shit i'm going through. you're probably...
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    Help/Support ► She kissed me while I was sleeping

    Honestly, here's what I think you should do. Just hang out with her like you normally do. The next time you two are sleeping together in the grass, try to rub your forehead against hers. If that works and she doesn't try to shrug you off, then try the same thing again, except with your noses...
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    Help/Support ► She kissed me while I was sleeping

    *sigh* i miss my high school days. lying in the grass, enjoying my innocence, without a care in the world. Sure, there was schoolwork, but at least back then I had time for things like love, friendship, and exploring life. if you've got a chance with this girl, take it. if you've got a chance...
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    Favorite Current Cartoon

    Just curious, what's your favorite cartoon that's still producing new episodes? I saw one the other day that I really liked. See, I've always been rather interested in the kinds of shows that are being directed towards children nowadays, mainly because it's fascinating to see the morals and...
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    Your favorite season?

    Which season is your favorite? Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter? Personally, I prefer summer. Summer always tends to be a great season for new movies. Also, there's more activities to do during the summer.
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    I've returned

    Hi, khinsider. It's been a long time, but I'm back. I dont know if perhaps any of you remember me. I was an active theory creator during the months leading up to the release of Kingdom Hearts II. I'm not entirely sure how much the khinsider forums have changed since I was last here, but it's...
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    KH2 cosplay

    Personally, I'm not too into cosplay, but I have to admit that some of the KH2 characters wear some specific peices of clothing or jewelry that i wouldn't mind owning. The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are Roxas' necklace, and Seifer's jacket(KH2 Seifer, not FF8 Seifer).
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    Question aboout KH2 (for the ones that has the game)

    This is really a question to be put in the spoiler forum. I'm not saying that the thread includes a spoiler, I'm just saying that if you're looking for people who have played the Japanese version, then the spoiler forum is the best place to look.
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    Secret ending in kh2

    Well the way I see it the secret movie doesn't actually spoil the story at all, considering that it has almost nothing to do with KH2. The secret movie has more to do with concepts of a sequel, just like ASAS/DD did.
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    Secret ending in kh2

    Even though I've been trying my hardest to avoid spoilers, I have actually seen the Secret Movie after KH2. AngelofDestiny, fortunately the Secret Movie does an ending coming soon. In fact, it seems to mark the beginning of a whole new story and plot to the series.(unlike KH2 which in some ways...
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    If you were to make your own KH2 world...

    Narnia? No. Toy Story? Yes. Also, if they were to make a Toy Story world, I think I'd actually prefer for my teammate to be Woody, rather than Buzz. Sure people are thinkin, "Well, Buzz can fly and he's got the pimpin laser beams and whatnot." Yes, that's true, he does have pimpin laser...