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    When it comes to the part with Demyx, I just GOTTA powerlevel. I can't help it. D=
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    Yeah, I can imagine how hard it'd be not to powerlevel when you know you're about to face Demyx in particular. >_<
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    Weeeell, you shouldn't need to powerlevel over someone like him... I'd be worried if you did. =0 Still, you got through all those OTHER parts of the game?
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    It's a little-known fact that powerleveling is almost vital when it comes to playing KH2. You just can't get through the game without doing it. I challenge ALL OF YOU to complete this game without needing to powerlevel at least once. ¬¬ 8D
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    Something I noticed about Repliku

    Relpiku? ...Well he's kinda like Pikachu. But Nomura didn't want TWO electic-element characters in Chain of Memories so he gave him a sword and a personality disorder instead.
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    Something I noticed about Repliku

    As some of you may or not know, I'm a HUGE Repliku fan so... I was intrigued by this. Maybe Nomura just didn't bother his ass giving Repliku a solid personality. He just seems like he was used as a plot device, which irks me because he had a lot of unused potential to be a really awesome...
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    Help/Support ► Me asking for help...

    If you really can't persuade them however, come to a comprimise. Ask for new glasses and pick a pair that look cool. Over here glasses are somewhat fashionable if you pick the right ones. Maybe the ones you have don't look as good on you as a different shape of frame might. Glasses aren't all...
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    ...Yeah I live in a place that's torn by gangs and diversity. It's called Norn Iron. I'm aware that you've solved your problem by now but should this reoccur: 1) Get a milk bottle. 2) Get gas...oline. 3) Put gasoline into milk bottle (half full). 4) Stuff as much kitchen roll down into the...
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    Help/Support ► They're going to literally kill me D=

    How much was the blender? You could give your parents the money if you have it. =D Or do what I do. Go up to them looking reeeeeally worried and upset. "Dad, I am SO sorry, but I was trying to work the new blender and I screwed up and it broke. I'm sorry, I feel like a total dork because it was...
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    Help/Support ► My Father's New Rule

    Your dad has a point in trying to make you do more things, but by making you put down a book or change activities after an hour I think he might be lowering your attention span. I think he's right that if you want to find things easier in later life you need to become better at socialising now...
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    Help/Support ► My Fear of Spiders.

    I understand completely. Spiders are horrific (didn't we have a conversation about this in the chat once?). Just don't do implosion therapy. It's been disproven and thought to be more harmful than beneficial. What you're thinking of doing now, letting one spider go on your hand, sounds like a...
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    Help/Support ► All the guys , later admit there gay!!HELP

    I can't criticise you about your age. I started dating at 11 so I'd be a hypocrite. But ol' Dansey can ADVISE you from experience that it's not the best idea. Your grades WILL slip, that's not a myth. Maybe wait till you're 15 or 16?
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    Help/Support ► Earring

    Not something I had a problem with, since when I was younger it was my mother who SUGGESTED getting my ear pierced, but I can see a parents concern, especially with the unfair "Chav" label often slapped onto guys with earrings. Try and find pictures that show that a piercing can look pretty...
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    Secret Scene???

    That would be hilarious. But it would never happen.
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    Making of CoM 3D

    While I don't believe that Re was made before the original GBA version, I do think that this game's been in the works for a good while. Especially when they have voice acting, a trailer, promo material, etc, all publicised. And the fact that they plan to release it in Japan in Spring means that...
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    New unknowns?

    I'd like that. I'd also like to know more about Ansem's six apprentices before they lost their hearts. What they were like and all. Though I doubt we'll see much of that.
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    Some info on Re: Chain of Memories TGS trailer.

    I highly doubt we'll be seeing any of this in English. Ever. Call me a pessimist, but I don't think the United States or Europe will get their own version of this. *pets her swap card cheerfully*
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Re: KH2 Final Mix + Secret Movie + Next CoM? Strangely enough, I'm less excited about the actual game (though the CoM Organisation battles do sound verrry interesting...) and more excited about the revelation of our mysterious mr Shattermask in the secret ending. (talk of nickname found...
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    Best voices

    I liked Riku's in KH2. Mr. Gallagher upped his game from the first one it seems, where Riku sounded a bit cardboard. Least favourites were KH1 Sora and Kairi. Sora's whiny voice made me want to murder him, and Kairi was just... Ugh. Sickly sweet. Kinda liked Axel's voice too. XD
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    Who is your favorite Organization member?

    Demyx. Okay, so he was "TEH KEWL PWNZORZ!!!11111", but he was so cute and down-to-earth. XD No mysterious front with that guy, made me wanna hug him.