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  1. Some new characters.

  2. Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ FAQ

    Re: Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ FAQ (Read Before Asking A Question!) Swap Magic FTW and it only costs $20
  3. In the end

    it showsseveral stats about your game, one of them is how many times you've played as micky, is it possible to get that to 999,999? Also what are the other ones?
  4. Anyone know where I can get an imported original Kingdom Hearts?

    I have swap magic, and Final Mix, but I kind of want to go through the game and hearing their japanese voices (Especially Riku during hollow Bastion)
  5. Boss Battle against the Knight Scan!

    Hopefully he and the Org XIII will surpass Xemnas in difficulty, Xemnas actually made me happy to beat him, even if I did end up shouting very bad things at the T.V. screen.
  6. Boss Battle against the Knight Scan!

    How many bars does he have, and why does it take 6 tries to get one hit on him?
  7. Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ FAQ

    Re: Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ FAQ (Read Before Asking A Question!) So it seems the Knight is actually in this game, how long ago was this topic posted??
  8. Question about 強固な弾幕's account

    Okay, the original owner of this account is gone now, and he gave his pasword out, I've changed it, and now am wondering, is this account mine now?
  9. Now leaving

    Though I doubt anyone cares.
  10. I've heard three differant difficulty translations

    I've heard Serious mode, Critical mode, and now Limit mode. Which one is it supposed to be, and what is going to make it so hard?
  11. Is Xenosaga

    a good game? What about Xenogears?
  12. I've been thinking

    In the land of Dragons 2nd time around, you fight a guy in a Organization cloak wielding Souleater, could this possibly be Zexion? The closest thing we've gotten to a weapon is a Souleater, and in KH2 Riku Wields Way to Dawn, so could the guy you fight actually be Zexion and not Riku?
  13. What is Doujinshi supposed to mean?

    I was looking for Japanese Mangas and there was a link to Doujinshi Mangas What are they? Also what does Yoai, and Yuri mean?
  14. Any Japanese exclusive game I should get?

    Except for Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Remake, and Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, what Japanese exclusive games should I get (Prefeabbly RPGs)
  15. What Anime games are out?

    I want to make a list of all the Anime games released.
  16. What games?

    What games has Square made excluding Dragon Quest series, Kingdom Hearts series, Chrono Series, and Final Fantasy series?
  17. GBASP, or GBAM?

    Which is the better one of the two? Same with NDS, or NDSL?
  18. In March

    I will be getting a japanese ps2, and Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+, where can I get these two things, and do I need anything special to plug it in?
  19. Return of the official Org ranking!*spoilers...maybe*

    Okay...I've decided to dig in now I hope all the guys from the Original topic come back Here list the Org members from strongest to weakest...Reasons aren't required but would be kind. No insulting others rankings No I'm not tryig to make some official ranking that the board must adhere to*never...
  20. Todays Childeren go to far.

    What do you guys think about this?