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  1. Sawah

    sawah reviews studio ghibli movies

    i just recently decided to watch all of the studio ghibli movies starting from the first one (i have never seen any before) and so i am reviewing them ok here goes laputa: castle in the sky this movie rules ok if the rest of them are as equally good as this then this is a very good choice...
  2. Sawah

    im a bot and i hate kingdom hearts and kingdom hearts insider

    ban me and call me scum
  3. Sawah

    damn all these beautiful

    bots are taking over the only section anyone reads (forum insanity) good to see all the staff working hard keep it up
  4. Sawah


    this is a thread dedicated to steve scubateve's return welcome back don't ever leave/get banned ever again i missed u so much i cried every second u were gone!!!
  5. Sawah

    a terrifying horror story in just 3 (three) words? wow!

    ​video games section
  6. Sawah

    sawah plays earthbound!!

    join me on this adventure !!!!
  7. Sawah


    i am cold withot blanket but hot w blanekt what do i do
  8. Sawah

    Royal Baby Name Announced!

    Royal Baby Named George Alexander Louis Well, it's a hell of a lot better than His Royal Highness Prince Cheeseburger of Cambridge What do you think?
  9. Sawah

    scubba stephen thread

    this a thread to appreciate mr steve "scubasteve" or "the best of the best" mruzik for being funny and maknig me laugh good on ya matey! (pirate w australian accent voice) ok thats all good night friends
  10. Sawah

    help me fi

    im trying to get a boys attention and eventually for him to fall madly in love with me (but not me fallnig in love w him bc um ew) how do
  11. Sawah

    Music ► Dominos Pairs Up With Vocaloid [.... ?]

    Dominos CEO advertises the pairing up of Dominos and Vocaloid. Didn't know if this was music, video games, or food, so I just did music. But this happened. Just the way he says Hatsune Miku makes me cringe.
  12. Sawah


    i got accepted to the university of alabama and i am really honestly leaning towards it when should we set the wedding date??? this is importan answer as ap
  13. Sawah

    hey steve

    i saw this mugshot on the internet and i thought it was you thats the mugshot here's you: .... ................................
  14. Sawah

    Why does Maleficient have Pete

    Re: why does maleficient have pete who is
  15. Sawah

    Why does Maleficient have Pete

    Re: why does maleficient have pete what victor said, also why are you calling him pete? ive never seen anyone call him that?? just call him peter pan like thats his name nobody ever shortens it like that
  16. Sawah

    post a pic of you hating your life

    this is the best ill ever look sorry everyone
  17. Sawah

    my depression

    i have been serioulsy depressed ror the past month idk what to do tips?????
  18. Sawah

    An Interview with the always lovable and most attractive Victor!

    aw i love my victor.<3 If you want to interview someone then PM Silh for details! C:
  19. Sawah

    WHAT THE f

    WHY DID NOBODY LEAVE ME A VISITOR MESSAGE WHY DOES NOBODY LOVE ME it's ok i guess i'll find my twue fwends 1 day
  20. Sawah


    LYCANTHROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AKA EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY YOU'RE SO SEXY GO GET ICE CREAM YAY