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  1. Antar

    Digital Media ► Final Fantasy 14 - Gosetsu

    I'm currently playing the Stormblood expansion in Final Fantasy 14, and Gosetsu is a really neat character! I had some inspiration and motivation so I drew him Also, the story is so good! I know some of you play it, so if anyone is on Hyperion, I'm Antar Cobs. Hope to see ya around!
  2. Antar

    RUMOR: Screenshots of Monsters Inc. world in Kingdom Hearts 3 potentially leaked?

    Those screenshots look reeeaaally convincing. Not a fan of Monster's Inc, but still pretty cool if it's real. If not, someone put in a good amount of work.
  3. Antar

    See Destiny Islands in all new detail thanks to Kingdom Hearts 0.2 hack

    Don't say things like that, now I need it! D:
  4. Antar

    Digital Media ► Custom Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper

    I made myself a new Kingdom Hearts wallpaper to use and decided to share it. The image is pretty big so you might need to rick click and open it in a new tab or something. I'd say it looks pretty neat: Here's the image, 1920x1080: If anyone wants to use it; enjoy
  5. Antar

    The 0.2 Hang Challenge

    Here's a challenge for you all who have nothing else to do but accept it! In 0.2, in the area right before the final boss, there's a crystal like object protruding next to a pillar. You can see exactly where in the minimap in the first picture. The challenge here is to try to hang off of it like...
  6. Antar

    Stardew Valley (For you Harvest Moon fans out there!)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot7uXNQskhs So a long while back, I was floating around in the Steam Greenlight section and I discovered a neat game called Secrets of Grindea. And during that time I came upon a game called Stardew Valley. For some reason I completely forgot about it, so now I...
  7. Antar

    What do you think of 358/2 Days?

    I liked Days. I passed it two times 100% completion. I felt that the story was very weak and the organization members were underused, though. What I liked about the game was the gameplay and panel system. Most people hate it, but I enjoyed the mission structure and the return of the command...
  8. Antar

    Y'all are lyers. Sephiroth is WAY harder in this game.

    As for me, I thought KH1FM's Sephiroth was harder, but I liked KH2FM's Sephiroth challenge better. KH1FM Sephiroth felt more stat based and you are bound to get hit even if you have good reactions and you know his moveset. In that fight you need to use cure a lot to keep taking his hits, most...
  9. Antar

    Little Things in the Jump Festa 2016 Trailer

    Like everyone else, I am really excited about the new trailer we got! It was great! But I also noticed a few little things that might actually be pretty big! Click Here for the Trailer 3:55 - Sora jumps onto an enemy very briefly. Could this be flowmotion off of enemies? Sort of like what they...
  10. Antar

    Do you think the panel system can be improved?

    But then that wouldn't really accomplish anything. That's like taking a fraction 4/4, and reducing both numbers once to 3/3; it's the same exact thing. Maybe the only thing it would change is it would make the panel system less interesting, since you wouldn't have to decide whether you want more...
  11. Antar

    Do you think the panel system can be improved?

    That would just make the game easy. You'd have too much space so you'd be able to bring too much magic and items and not think about what you need to bring for the mission. Sadly, not many people understand the design of the game it seems. Absent seems to get it. You just have to play smart.
  12. Antar

    Do you think the panel system can be improved?

    The panels was one of the best new features of KH. It's a shame it has never been used again. The level up panels were actually really important since they allowed you to adjust your level anytime. They also at some points gave you the choice between a higher level or some other extra panels. If...
  13. Antar

    Famitsu Interview with Nomura - Kingdom Hearts 2.8 to use KH3 tech

    Even though 0.2 will be one world's length of content, I'll definitely drag it over an hour since I'll explore every nook and cranny. I'll just have fun fooling around and taking in the new engine, visuals and gameplay.
  14. Antar

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Trailer Featuring KH3 Footage!

    I think we got to see a new environment effect of magic in this new footage. When Sora is using his sliding dodge in Twilight Town you can see some fire linger on the ground for a second. That might have been a side effect from fire magic.
  15. Antar

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 - Opening Title / Main Menu Concept

    *I grab your arm and bring you close* "Do you feel KH2.8?" *secretly steal the tickets"
  16. Antar

    Anime/Manga ► Arslan Senki

    ​Has anyone here seen this ongoing anime called "Arslan Senki" or "The Heroic Legends of Arslan"? It's set in this medieval setting with some fantasy and it really good. I'm 14 episodes in and I'm really enjoying it! The setting is awesome, the visuals look great, the story is gripping, the...
  17. Antar

    KH3 Trailer New Heartless (and more)

    Here's some more interesting things about the trailer: Water Heartless Those first water heartless surround themselves with water bubbles which, upon being hit, cause the heartless to teleport out of harm's way. The only way Sora was able to hit them in this trailer is by magic (specifically...
  18. Antar

    Bulky Vendors

    There's actually a way to manipulate the bulky vendor spawns to keep appearing if you aren't getting lucky with them. Here's a link if you need it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZA3OTq2bLY
  19. Antar

    A crazy Greek's Odyssey (Or how I managed to attain the KH 2.5 event)

    Wow! This was a very interesting adventure to read! I don't know how you were able to do that just in 5 days, amazing! Especially since you live so far away compared to me. But I'm glad you enjoyed the event! ^.^ Also, great use of pictures, this thread is laid out very nicely which makes it...