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  1. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Help/Support ► I have a problem. What to do?

    The only thing that I can really say to give you any kind of advice is to find out who you are. I'm not entirely sure about this but I had a similar feeling that I had to impress people (or help, whatever it was at that time) to make them like me. The main reason why is because there was a total...
  2. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Help/Support ► I feel invisible.

    I can honestly relate to this because I've had my fair share of such things happening to me in school. I'll usually be going through my opinion on something and I'll eventually get cut off by a smartass comment and just give up on continuing. This happens in particular wiht certain teachers of...
  3. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Ephemeral Bout #2: Apprentice's Folly (Open Challege) [Not Finished Yet]

    So I've been itching to get another battle rp started so here it is. Just like the last one I've hosted it's open challenge so it's first come, first serve. At the same time, depending on how well your character is described, I might choose one over the other so make him/her as complex as...
  4. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Help/Support ► Well shit...

    In all sincerity, I actually accepted the idea. If things really are the way they might seem, I'll be ready to handle it. At the moment, though, I'm still too stubborn to actually go through with it. In a nutshell, he and I had it out on recurring occasions. Aside from burning jealousy, I was...
  5. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Help/Support ► Well shit...

    I appreciate the advice but this is one of those things that I feel like I should stop her from doing at like all costs but like I said before it's so hard to think that way when I've pretty much vowed to be understanding of her choices. It sounds desperate but I don't want her to be shipped to...
  6. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Help/Support ► Well shit...

    Hey guys. I'm not really type to do this kind of thing but I've opened up enough to sort of get this out because I really don't know what to do about this. About two years ago, I met this girl (name not going to be given) and its because of her that so many things about me have changed for...
  7. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Ephemeral Bout #1: Vagrant's Challenge (Open Challenge)

    So I decided to have an open challenge for a 1 v 1 RP battle. The way it's going to work is pretty much first come, first serve. However, I'm willing to look at any other templates that are > their predecessors. Make it as descriptive as you want, the more graphic the better and don't forgot to...
  8. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Help/Support ► Er...i think i'm in love with a girl but worried about it..

    She'll be a damned good deterant for your anger since you feel this way about her. Plus, if all else fails when you do meet her (meaning you can't get the words out) you can write to her. :D
  9. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Help/Support ► Content, but lonely.

    I've been in your shoes before and I can safely say this, you're too young to be thinking so hard about this kind of stuff. I may only be two years ahead of you but I learned that on my own. You have your entire life ahead of and there are just too many possiblities. It may be that what you want...
  10. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Why is there a chosen one?

    That's actually a satisfactory arguement for me. Wait until I find something to disagree on.
  11. LegendaryHeroLCB

    The Gentleman/Lady Thread

    A very good day to you ladies and gentlemen of January the first in the new year of 2012. I would very much so like to take the time provide you all with a thread dedicated to expressing the mannerisms of those belonging to proper gentlemen and ladies. During this elongated period of posting I...
  12. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Why is there a chosen one?

    Alright, after all of this, one question (in my opinion) carries the most weight. What exactly is a true Keyblade? Throughout the whole Kingdom Hearts series, almost all Keyblades shown are Keychains. Keychains (correct me if I'm wrong) are pretty much an add-on if you will of the Keyblade that...
  13. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Riku and Destiny Islands

    Those are just images that manifest themselves through Riku's conscience. Remember that Castle Oblivion only works off of the individual's memory. In the context of Riku, he remembers his failure as a friend. This guilt probably managed to express itself when he ran into Tidus, Wakka, and...
  14. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Why is there a chosen one?

    But that doesn't add up with Riku's Soul Eater turning into Way to Dawn. That would mean that he technically has two Keyblades and that doesn't make too much sense because in order to have two Keyblades (just a theory) you need to have a heart wth the strength to handle two.
  15. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Why is there a chosen one?

    In that case, then the Keyblade chooses whoever it deems powerful enough. Oh no shit, LCB. That's the point of being a chosen one.
  16. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Why is there a chosen one?

    Remember what I said about the element thing. I think Kingdom Key is specifically augumented with light, therefore someone with a severe concentration of light has to wield it.
  17. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Why is there a chosen one?

    ^This. Because of the events of BBS, Sora (by whatever reason) is chosen to carry out the task of helping everyone because he has the inner strength to do so. Riku had it too, but failed because he became corrupted so Sora was the replacement. BAM! I have solved everything! > : D
  18. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Riku and Destiny Islands

    I don't think he did anything wrong at all. I think he just managed to see it on his own. I think that Ansem (Heartless) was the guy that interfered with Destiny Islands. Or the Heartless just started going after it on their own.
  19. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Why is there a chosen one?

    OH! I KNOW! He's the chosen one to save everyone!!! I GET IT!
  20. LegendaryHeroLCB

    Why is there a chosen one?

    That's pretty much what my argument is. Notice there's no such specific wielders for keychain or gear keyblades (even though technically Kingdom Key is a keychain so someone else will elaborate).