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  1. BeastieBlade

    Mirage Arena Medals

    Get 2 or 3 mega flares. It gets rid of groups of enemies quick and, as said before, use group curaga.
  2. BeastieBlade

    Second Chance and Once More

    Were you playing on level 1? I beat him around 20-ish.
  3. BeastieBlade

    did anybody else... hate Aqua?

    I think Willa's voice for Aqua was good. I just felt it was a little emotionless at times.
  4. BeastieBlade

    Donald and Goofy

    I think if it is ever addressed, it will be addressed in Re:Coded. In the trailer, there was a scene with Yen Sid. He might've told Mickey, Donald and Goofy to keep quiet about what happened in BBS, probably to keep world order, or sumthin.
  5. BeastieBlade

    Which character are you best with?

    I'm best with Ven. I 100% his file first, even though I played as Terra 1st. I also love Stratosphere and Multivortex.
  6. BeastieBlade

    What's your goal?

    I've already gotten 100% for Ven, except for fighting MF. I'm also going to try to 100% Terra and Aqua and get all the trophies.
  7. BeastieBlade

    80 hour trophy?

    The Clockwork Trophy is for playing over 80 hours. (I did it by myself don't judge me.) The Arena Sweeper Trophy is for beating everything in the Mirage Arena, I think. I've gotten every trophy except for the Trinity and the 30 ice cream trophy(though I'll probably get that soon. I've made all...
  8. BeastieBlade

    Birth by Sleep Final Mix TGS Info (Will have BRAND NEW content, January 2011)

    I don't care about the extra content, like Monstro (though it would be cool!), but if anything is important to the series, like The Unknown from KH1, they should include it in every game.
  9. BeastieBlade

    Firaside Chats: A Kingdom Hearts Podcast, Episode 3 (BBS Questions Answered!)

    THis was a pretty good podcast. The ending seemed akward though.
  10. BeastieBlade

    Are you getting BBS day one?

    I found out I'm getting BBS at Wednesday. I cried! JK. I'm just annoyed.
  11. BeastieBlade

    How is the Release affecting you?

    I'm trying to waste time by looking at threads.
  12. BeastieBlade

    Welcome to the Birth by Sleep Discussion Forum!

    Why would it? 25252525252525
  13. BeastieBlade

    So who has it already?

    I know I don't. 252525252525
  14. BeastieBlade

    BBS Critical Mode Help

    That actually made me laugh.
  15. BeastieBlade

    How is the Release affecting you?

    Me too. I always say I'll stop at a certain time, then play for an extra minute, and found out I played an extra 3 hours.
  16. BeastieBlade

    RPGamer's Review of BBS

    I don't get how the story has no resolution.
  17. BeastieBlade

    How is the Release affecting you?

    I'm pretty excited. Summer is the slowest time for me. I usually have nothing to distract me.
  18. BeastieBlade

    Which Character to chose?

    TVA all the way. 25252525
  19. BeastieBlade

    Welcome to the Birth by Sleep Discussion Forum!

    This is a pretty lively forum. It's hard to get your word in.
  20. BeastieBlade

    How much is the BBS Guide?

    I'm gonna try to 100% the game by myself, but still get the guide for things that I miss.