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    Most powerfull deck

    me is common puting in like 4-6 slights in arow then a elixer do the slights again followed by a megalixer,but thats how it works fro me everybodys deck is defirent.
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    What ruined Kingdom hearts 2 for me....

    well disney is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL!! but mickey is a cool guy.
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    Is Demyx Not Loved?

    one of my friends hate kingdom hearts with a passion but loves organization 13 (because he like naruto and they are similar the akatsuki) and his favorite is demyx and i think he is very cool!!
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    358/2 days playable characters

    all 14 members will be playable.
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    Re: Chain Of Memories in NA

    Re: Chain Of Memories in NA yes but why couldn't they give us final mix also i mean just translate the text and make it compatiable with a north american ps2!! it would be less of a chore than geting new voice actors, new text, and making it compatible even if its a fan thing all of my friends...
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    kh2:final mix2

    well they better get generous before i get really pissed!!!!
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    Abilities you'd Like to See in BBS

    dodge roll, glide, leaf bracer, explosion, scan, stun impact, and zentutken or however you spell it im too lazy to check!
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    The world's enemy

    i just saw a vid of a sephiroth fight with the world's enemy playing in the backround you think that would be a good song for the kh3 sephiroth fight?? http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mFTzWgfsTs (i apologize if the link is broke)
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    kingdom hearts 2 manga vol. 3

    yes chain of memories has 2 volumes
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    kingdom hearts 2 manga vol. 3

    does anyone know when volume 3 of the kh 2 magna comes out??
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    kingdom key replica

    not the 1/6 scale keyblades!!!!!!!!!!!
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    kingdom key replica

    does anyone know a website where i can get a life size not 1/6 scale replica keyblade???
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    who thinks KH 2 FM+ is coming stateside?

    don't ask me what i would do if i could get one for the U.S
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    your favorate FF heros in kh

    mine r cloud, auron, and sephiroth......he was a good guy too in final fantasy 7 crisis core!!!
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    Best keyblade

    ONE WINGED ANGEL and DIAMOND DUST all the way!!
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    Is COM still being made?

    i would check gamestop or online for one or get re:COM from jap'n (wouldn't recommend it)
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    a question about coded

    a while ago game informer magazine anounced kingdom hearts 358/2 days and kingdom hearts birth by sleep where coming to the U.S but they didn't mention coded so is it coming to the U.S or not?? (if not this means in the opening of kh3 im going to go WTF when did this happen like when kh2 came...
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    the heartless symbol on ansem

    ok so we know that heartless with the symbol on their chest, head or anywhere else where made artificially from the computer in hollow bastion and those who lose their hearts to the heartless become shadows, neoshadows, or some pureblood form of heartless, right but how did ansem get that...
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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    this is the LAST repeat LAST time im going to say this VEN iS ROXAS........god what is wrong with you people!!!!
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    BbS title secret... WARNING:THEORY

    ive noticed something like this for a while the things in kingdom hearts that they always mention are hearts, memories, sleep, keyblade, and awakening