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    A Keyblade World

    Argument 1 If there are keybladers who can transform their keyblades into all sorts of things, example being the keyriders... And the law of conservation of mass doesn't seem to apply, again example being TVA's rides... Then that means that, given enough potential, keyblades can possibly...
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    Didn't Riku snatch Sora's Kingdom Key once by summoning it into his own hands? The KK was technically Riku's, so I had this idea that a keyblade's rightful wielder can do the same thing. Maybe if MX managed to do the same thing to Aqua and the LS, he could finally triple-wield?
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    Wait, so if Apprentice Xehanort does have the hearts of all three people (Xehanort, Terra and Eraqus), wouldn't that mean that he could possibly be capable of wielding not one, not two... .. but three keyblades?! Talk about excessive...
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    Seasalt Icecream, an allusion to the Paopu Fruit?

    I dunno if this has been discussed before, but... In BBS, Isa and Lea also share it. In Days, Roxas shared some seasalt icecream with Axel and Xion. In KHII, Roxas shares it with Pence, Hayner and Olette. From what we've seen so far, Axel and Lea both ended up joining the Organization after...
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    Childbearing and handicapped nobodies...

    ... what would happen if they fused back with their original selves? Would the whole person retain some, or the entire injury? What about pregnancy? People seem to reproduce like normal in KH, what with Kairi's grandmother and Sora's mother. Case in point, Sora and Roxas. What would happen if...
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    Kairi's style *spoiler*

    I guess her style will be reminiscent to what Yensid's style was like before he retired, seeing is Yensid looks like the most magic-oriented of all the keybladers revealed as of now.
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    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    Kinda unlikely as Sora is the only official dual-wielder of all the contemporary keybladers. One could easily extrapolate that his ability is due to the fact that his heart is made up of Ven and himself. If Ven ever becomes independent, Sora will most likely not be able to do synchblade...
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    Is just me or there is a wardrobe malfunction in KH 1/COM?

    Back then, Nomura still didn't have much of a right in using Mickey. Changing his outfit was out of the question because that would be tampering with IP too much. Donald and Goofy were easier to change because they don't have as much money attached to their names as the king is. As for D and G...
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    Kingdom Hearts, a giant heartless?

    According to Kairi's grandma, when the darkness appeared, the true light a.k.a. Kingdom Hearts went to sleep inside the deepest darkness. Considering that the heartless are pretty much hearts that are consumed by darkness, could it not be said that Kingdom Hearts is, technically speaking, a...
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    Organization XIII Memories

    Elenar would have also been a nice name for Larxene, IMO. :) Other than that, nice. :)
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    BBS problem: End game character

    They'll probably do what they did with Xemnas in KH2. That is, you'll swap between the three during the different phases of the final fight.
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    Why is there no Shion's/Xion's data?

    Maybe the reason why they don't have any grave or data for Xion is that they intentionally erased everything that might prove her existence, probably in order to hide something about her relationship with Sora's nobody. Still, it could be the latter reasons.
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    Lesser Nobodies will assist you?

    They could be used like summons in that you have to spend a large amount of MP or something similar in order to summon one of them. Also, they could just limit the amount of nobodies you can summon depending on their level of strength. eg. berserkers would be very few in numbers but dusks would...
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    Who is Shion?

    KHIII's villain would be Pooh and all the events in the past titles were all part of his massive Xanathos Pile-up. Though, seriously, I think Shion is somehow one of Sora's nobodies.
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    Kamen no Maidguy

    Kamen no Maid Guy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kamen no Maid Guy (TV) - Anime News Network Kuu kuu kuu! Awesome show, in my opinion! : ) You could find episodes 1 to 9 on crunchyroll - feed your need!. Really worth the watch. Who knew that having a butler dressed in a maid outfit...
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    Xion's Element.

    She probably doesn't have an element, since she is kind of not really an "officially counted" member of the organization, just like how lower nobodies don't specifically have their own elements and just follow their superior's to as much an extent as they can. I don't mean to say she's not a...