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    did Vanitas die?

    TT_TT Pay no attention to what I just said. I am too mortified by the fact that I just came up with this whole theory and then someone already posted it... Honestly, I think he found his way to Riku's heart. Before everybody starts trolling, just hear me out. Remember how Terra and Eraqus...
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    Vanitas unmasked!?!?!?!? SPOILER (obviously)

    ...no dont believe them, bbs hasnt even come out yet in japan. they're all lying. no, seriously. dont believe a word any of them says, because bbs HAS NOT COME OUT! AND NEITHER HAS 358/2 DAYS! OR KH1! Its all just a big lie. Including this site. It was made just to make you think KH had a...
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    BBS NA Secret Boss Theory [and possibly a whole new outlook to BBS's Secret Ending]

    I highly doubt it. The way that the Worlds inside CO work was because of Namine. She took Sora's memories and made them into worlds after she was born and Xemnas scanned Sora in KH1.
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    BBS NA Secret Boss Theory [and possibly a whole new outlook to BBS's Secret Ending]

    ohh, i must have interpreted your post opposite of what you were saying. well, that really doesnt change anything then, but it doesnt look like the darkness covered LoD. even if it was after MX destroyed it, it wouldnt change anything in my theory. it would just be in the Last Episode. im pretty...
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    BBS NA Secret Boss Theory [and possibly a whole new outlook to BBS's Secret Ending]

    good point... i guess that knocks out the theory of Last Episode. but what if perhaps this was a situation like Sephiroth in KH2, where you meet him about halfway through the game and you can choose to battle him any time throughout the game? so maybe ATW got there before TAV started chasing...
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    BBS NA Secret Boss Theory [and possibly a whole new outlook to BBS's Secret Ending]

    Hmm, If that's true about the example of Ansems trips to the RoD, then that might have just torn apart my whole theory. But hey, you never know, it could be anybody else's theory on this board. 1. Aqua could have felt provoked by him, summoned her keyblade, and ATW feeling like he needed to...
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    BBS NA Secret Boss Theory [and possibly a whole new outlook to BBS's Secret Ending]

    Alright, well many of you dont know me, in fact I think none of you know me, but you can just call me Vanitas and I think that I have a pretty reasonable theory in my head. Now as we all know, the NA Secret Boss wears a black coat extremely similar to the Organization XIII coat. He has blue...
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    New Degenki Interview

    my bad, first time i posted it with spoilers it instead removed everything within the spoil brackets, so then i had to retype it all... all set now ;]
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    New Degenki Interview

    Well your theory could be true even if he said that this secret boss is to LS from KH2FM. Maybe everybody got the secret ending wrong... maybe when she was seen talking to ATW in the Realm of Darkness, it was still at the BBS Era. I mean it makes alot of sense, Ansem knows that his machine will...
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    What do you think the "3D" stands for?

    awwww, I thought i was going to be the first one to think of the D as 'Door'. I think that this will be called, Kingdom Hearts: The Third Door. Here is a basic summary of what I think the game will be about. Everything we know about the secret endings of KH, Coded, and BBS have not been...
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    Thats exactly what Im thinking. Nomura said "harder than Lingering Sentiment" (Sora beat Lingering Sentiment, and "fairly low HP" (Sora has less HP thanmost bosses)
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    When Exactly did the Apprentices turn into Nobodies??

    Well, I have a new theory, again with some evidence to back it up, so here I go. In the scene in KH2 where Xehanort was confronting Ansem the Wise, we see Mickey at the beginning. Now, in that cutscene, Mickey is wearing his most recent outfit from KH2, coded etc. However, in Birth By Sleep...
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    Castle Oblivion in BBS

    This theory has already been discussed in another thread. I cant remember which one, but I am positive I read this somewhere else a few days ago.
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    Saved files.

    i think I read somewhere on here that you could change stories during gameplay, so Imthinking you wont have to, seeing how all 3 stories will be saved on one file.
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    Braig Scar Theory

    Hello everyone. First off, I'd like to say Im new to khinsider (well not really, Ive just been to lazy to make an account, but then I saw I had already made an account 2 months ago). Now, we all know how in the new trailer, it shows Braig with the eyepatch and scar. Now, most people think...