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  1. khfreak13

    Tetsuya Nomura Talks Kingdom Hearts 3DS!! [Article]

    Finally! A continuation of the main KH Plot! Read here: Tetsuya Nomura Talks Kingdom Hearts 3DS - Nintendo 3DS News at IGN
  2. khfreak13

    Another Knight Theory

    Okay since now everybody seems to think that these knights are third beings(which I've referred to before the secret ending even came out) I come to wonder again about what I've talked about before. During the Roxas section of KH2 while you're inside the mansion you find a drawing with three...
  3. khfreak13

    Harder Than Sephiroth?!!!

    I heard that there will probably be a new optional boss harder than sephy in KH2:FM+. Who could it be? Any ideas?
  4. khfreak13

    Sephiroth help

    I was on level 76 when I beat him. Sephiroth is a pretty hard guy. Right when the match begins press triangle to dodge his first special attack then quickly counterattack. This guy teleports a lot. Try to stay away from him until he teleports behind you then QUICKLY guard and counterattack. If...
  5. khfreak13

    Another FF character thread

    Do you think characters from FFXII and/or FFXIII will make an appearance in KH3? If you think so, who do you think should make an appearance. I know that SE hasn't released many names. Just tell me based on what you've seen. FFversusXII also.
  6. khfreak13

    Heart, Body, and Soul

    I don't know if anyones thought of this, but in KH and KH2 they show what happens to the body and heart when a person is killed. The heart becomes a heartless and the empty shell(body) becomes a nobody. But what happens to the soul? What does it become after it has been seperated from the body...
  7. khfreak13

    Mickey's Letter

    Dear Sora, I kinda left my Keyblade on top of my fridge and now I can't find my ladder. could you drop by and get it for me. P.S. Could you pick up some jumbo ear swabs on your way over here I'm running out. Thanks!
  8. khfreak13

    KH for PSP?

    Would you want a KH on PSP to come out? Tetsuya Nomura stated he was interested in the PSP's technology so I think it's possible he'll make one. I personally wouldn't want one to come out because I'd have to buy a PSP. I already bought a GBA so I could play KH:COM.
  9. khfreak13

    nobody drive form glich

    Cool. Never noticed that.
  10. khfreak13

    who's YOUR hardest boss

    Xaldin was my hardest. I died twice and came back as Mickey twice in the same battle! That was the only time I ever used Mickey.
  11. khfreak13

    Where is Roxas?

    After the cinematic sequence in The World That Never Was where Sora fought Roxas, Roxas disappeared. Do you think he died, or did he survive and make an appearance in KH3?
  12. khfreak13

    FF characters

    Which FF characters would you like to see return or be added to KH3? I would Auron and Tidus(older) to return. It would be great if they could add Vincent and Barret.
  13. khfreak13

    sig trouble!

    I'm having trouble getting an image in my signature. Somebody please help!
  14. khfreak13

    kh fighting game?

    Do you think a Kingdom Hearts fighting game would be succesful? I think even if the game was bad, people would buy it 'cause it has the KH name.
  15. khfreak13

    weapon ideas

    What kind of weapon do you think Zexion should have and what do you think his element should be?
  16. khfreak13

    KH2: Final Mix Bosses?

    There will be no FM, but Iwould like to fight Tifa and Zexion since we never got to see his weapon.
  17. khfreak13

    What was it?

    In the old mansion at Twilight Town at the beginning of KH2, there was a table in the library that had a drawing you(roxas) had to finish. It had three circles, one with the heartless sign, one with the nobody sign, and the third one blank. Later, when roxas fills it in after talking with...
  18. khfreak13

    Who's better at battling?

    Sora has beaten Riku a number of times. Sora's stronger
  19. khfreak13

    favorite organization XIII member AND there wepon?

    My favorite would have to be Axel 'cause of his unique personality and weapon. He also looks just plain cool.