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    Preorder KH3D from Gamestop!

    dude i havent been on here in years ok thank u so much i really appreciate it :)
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    Preorder KH3D from Gamestop!

    u got that right lol too much on my plate and i appreciate it can u tell me when kh 3 will be coming out is the word out yet?
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    Preorder KH3D from Gamestop!

    what game console is dream drop distance on 4? ps3?
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    how do u promote your deck leader???? does anybody kno help me out plz
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    re chain of memories????

    is it out yet in usa???? :confused:
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    Demnyx is modeled after...

    they do look alike but theres no relation btween the 2 games sum1 said b4 sum1 from kh look like sum1 from ff but nomura says theres no relation btween da 2 games
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    how will they get around?!!!

    riku wasnt a bad guy ether but he can access the corridors of darkness
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    Aqua = Xion

    i relly do think xion is aquas nobody in 1 of the nomura interviews the interviewer asked did we see xion b4 nomura replied by laughing and sayin it was a secret lik its a twist lol lik we did c her but we havent u kno lik from bbs but on the other hand it wouldnt make sense because their names...
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    old worlds new titles

    i really wuld want 2 c sum of the new worlds in birth by sleep lik deep jungle wonderland and monstro those worlds were cool 2 play in and were fun who agrees? n it would b kind of cool 2 c terra aqua n ven 2 interact with the worlds and worlds characters of those worlds
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    358/2 Days Official Site Adds New Trailer

    cant wait 4 it lol i hate waitin
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    GRAND theft auto 4

    amazing graphics AMAZING i love the grand theft auto series i bought all the games since grand theft auto 3 and every new game it gets more realer as in doing stuff and the graphics get better every time and u can go further expand gameplay area but in grand theft auto 4 they out done it its so...
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    what are the age ranges of people that play KH 2

    im 16....but i was playing kingdom hearts since i was lik 12
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    Training Time!

    I GOT 2 AROUND 30 32......................
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    question new information 4 kh3

    are there any new information 4 the kingdom hearts 2 b on ps3??? these past 5 months? havent been online 4 awile need info asap please and sum1 please tell me wen birth by sleep comes out 2 u.s
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    lil wayne fan thread

    my favorite rapper the best rapper alive the weezy f baby fan club jus post u wana join if u do n discuss watever u wana discuss about him cash money records and young money records n dipset that he joined a couple months ago now
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    Did you ever...

    he didnt care cuz he a playa he was playin kairi wit namine lol
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    kh2 secret

    awww for realz i didnt think anybody knew bout it lol
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    kh2 secret

    in kh2 wen u in a form or used a summon wen u go through the world map and go back to a world your drive form goes all the way up u can use a form to level up and before it runs out go to world map and its all the way up and kepp doin it to level up thats wat im doin lol:D
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    Da Forums Squad

    Im makin my own lil squad its sumthin like the organization so if u wanna join den just say u wanna join
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    im back

    im back its been a long time i see lots of changes:D