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    Member since 2004

    This forum is not how I remember it. :( Member 263!
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    Samurai X: Trust/Betrayal

    Come now, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's seen this movie. I'm also relatively sure I'm not the only person to make a thread about it. This is probably my favorite anime movie, I'm not usually a fan of the romantic side of things and this did indeed have a romantic tone to it however they...
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    UFC Undisputed 2010

    Eh, I was too lazy to look through pages upon pages to see if anyone posted a topic about this. So I'll just make a new one? Anyone play/own this game? I picked it up the day it came out and I have to say I felt it was a massive improvement over '09. It makes you feel a lot better when you hit...
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    Does anyone remember me?

    You should probably read the title and tell me!
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    Help/Support ► My Fear of Spiders.

    I don't really mind spiders,.....slugs are a different matter though! 0_0
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    out of 10 how good was kh2

    Id give it about 8.2/10 it was far too short!
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    Stupid Pooh

    I HATE POOH!!!!!!!! nuff said! he's a retard
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    Namine rox my blue sox, nuff said!
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    have you beaten the game?

    im on monstro xP I just couldn't be bothered to finish the game!
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    did they???

    yeah they did, I love the manga, it rox my sox! xD
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    Hey! ...(Tallian told me to come here! <.<)

    hey, yeah Tallian told me to come here, you may know me as "Rikku" or "KHangel" from khvids.net forum, yeah it sux being new all over again!....<.<
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    Blair Witch: Legend of Coffin Rock

    STORY "During a particularly harsh winter in the year 1785, hysteria ran rampant in the town of Blair, Maryland. There have been many recent arrests of town women being accused of witchcraft. One of these women, Elly Kedward, the so-called "Blair Witch," was found guilty of witchcraft and was...
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    Sons of Krypton

    (This roleplay takes place on Krypton please only join if you have some knowledge of the TV show Smallville or have watched the superman movies.) History: Krypton was a planet of giant size located somewhere in the outer reaches of trackless space. Described as an unusual planet with a unique...
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    Smallville - Who's hotter?

    I personally think Allison Mack is hotter then Kristin and erica what do you guys think? Kristin - http://starophileimages.free.fr/wallpapers/kristin_kreuk_002.jpg Allison - http://www.mediasharx.net/images/wallpaper/allisonmack3-1152x864.jpg Erica -...
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    Blair Witch: Rustin Parr

    "Its 1854 several days ago 8 children disapeared from the town of Burkitsville. The beloved children of burkitsville frockled and played but were stolen the schoolyard being right next to the cursed woods. 7 of the children in Burkitsville were found slaughtered at the hermit Rustin parr's house...
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    Yugioh: Duel Tournament

    (Yes yugioh I know its childish but I'm feeling a little childish these days.) "50 years after the death of yugi moto duel monsters is still a hit in japan. Tournaments are still being held kids play on the streets for there rarest cards occasionally a kid might come across one of the "God...
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    Blair Witch 1: Rustin Parr

    Hi guys anyone play this? I need a little help from whoever can help me my controlls are set on keyboard but I can't figure out on Day 3 when you have to fight the giant stick figure in the woods how to kick them over after you shoot off the hearts, If you could help me I would greatly...
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    Star Wars III: Revenge of the sith

    ((Ok basicly the Charatures from Attack of the clones the storyline is unknown so we basicly start)) Name: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader Age: Unknown Weapon: Blue Lightsaber/Red Lightsaber Info: He wears a robe that is adored over his shoulders he is under the training of Obi wan kenobi and...
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    Sith Academy

    "Deep within the earths crust lay the city that noone have found in possible thousands of years it is a colony of sith. The academy in the city teachs you the way of a lightsaber but recently some jedi have got reports about noises comeing from Dagobah were the colony the sith are distressed by...
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    Star wars: Revenge of Revan

    "After the ruin of the fleet malak somehow assembled it was known that the jedi that managed too defeat him was Revan himself, after this revan returned too the dark side after malak's death too take command of a new fleet. Revan however will only accept one's intwine with the force. This has...