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  1. Razorl

    Is this real?

    Now I don't know who what when where and why, but I do know this Originally Woody and Buzz were to be summons in Kingdom Hearts 2, their models still remain on the disc, but the textures and soforth were removed/never created. it's not entirely unbelievable to say a Toy Story world could exist...
  2. Razorl

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME???????? Stalker....
  3. Razorl

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I can see it now, Ok sorta frieghtining
  4. Razorl

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    At first I was O.o???? Then I was LAWL I still say it's Sora from the Future or an Alternate Time Line Sora Which leads to my idea that KH3D takes place in an Alternate Timeline
  5. Razorl

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    The theme of this Mysterious Figure seems to pass a feeling of (at least to me) a race agaisnt time, while certain parts make me think of guilt/regret.
  6. Razorl

    At this rate...

    I'll be an old man while Sora remains a teenager! I mean KH3 isn't the end (not considering real world factors) and Sora will remain Protagonist... I'll be 60 when KH6 comes out! s1angrypple
  7. Razorl

    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded (CONFIRMED FOR NDS) Oh Dear, and here I was all ready and excited for Reconnect and another game. Well atleast we're likely to get Reconnect along with KH:ReCoded I remember in the beginning, people were pissed that we wouldn't get coded, now it's coming to us likely...
  8. Razorl

    So....regarding Xehanort

    I think MX's heart is being used by the body but the memories of both MX and Terra are lost.
  9. Razorl

    So....regarding Xehanort

    After the final battle Terra lost full control forever. He could just sit and watch. MX's Heart + Terra's Body = Terranort/Xehanort Memories lost however.... Terra and MX are essentially dead after Ansem finds him in RG
  10. Razorl

    Idiea about "Another Dive" rumor...(BBS Spoilers)

    Or a game with Master Eraqus as the Protagonist
  11. Razorl

    the voice xigbar was talking about

    With the ending of BBS I believe we solved that already, It is Terra talking to Xemnas because Ansem SoD was MX's heart.
  12. Razorl

    Ven's Scenario

    too much spammers and that one "Breal" guy...
  13. Razorl

    Check the release date on wikipedia for BBS

    Some fan on Justin.Tv did it Lol
  14. Razorl

    What lurks in my mind... I do not know (KH:COM related)

    Foreward - It is hard at best for me to discover the cause and exact reason I created this, I have no recollection of the night before which I believe is this piece of work's date of creation. Prepare for the unknown as this is not something you can predict easily with the judging by book cover...
  15. Razorl

    BBS in a computer

    Because the keyblade terra has is kinda like a nobody keyblade because it doesnt exsist because it doesnt have a keychain. but thats just me
  16. Razorl

    Theory Made via Red Bull [Spoiler Alert! KH1)

    (I Dont know if this has been thought of before but whatever im really wiped out right now) Okay So i'm sitting at my computer, just watching the trailer of BBS and i had just finished my 3rd can of red bull and i'm trying to figure out what birth by sleep means. I have no leads so i go and...