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  1. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    Nomura: "We'd like to put BBS on PlayStation Network buuuuuut..."

    I remember reading somewhere that digital copies of PSP games are harder to copy then getting it from the UMD itself.
  2. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    Ps3 Hard Drive Upgrade help!

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody could help me here. I put in a new hard drive and now i am stuck on a screen that is telling me to plug in my controller and hit the PS button. Well, I did and nothing really seemed to occur from this other then four blinking lights on my controller, can...
  3. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    My Name Is Earl

    does anyone think that they should give us an ending to this awesome show? i do
  4. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    Birth By Sleep on PSPgo the answer revealed!

    ya, i agree with you. maby they're up to someething I.I (i got a Go, a hacked 1000, and all updated and stuff 1000 (my sisters) so i'm good)
  5. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    Warhawk 2?

    does any know if there is a Warhawk 2 in development?
  6. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    BBS Na/Pal version may be available on psn

    I hope so, i gotta PSPgo, i love it! it fits in pocket alot better when im listening to music and you can pause the game and go to the XMB and play the game later. Oh and iit better be on PSN cause i got my old 1000 hacked, and like playing gamees on the go! see what i did there?
  7. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    Hope for BBS on the PSPGo?

    i would say. just about every game th\t came out for the psp has a digital copy that im aware of. and i now alot of the older ones didnt get a digital copy tho
  8. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    Legend of Mana on PSN?

    I have the disk i just to be able to play on my psp without remote play, remote play gets laggy the further u r away from the ps3. just askin if anybody noes if it's commin out on psn.
  9. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    Worth it?

    I think it's a good game and that the card system gave it more of challenge. To be truthful i never beat Rikus story in re: com becouse i just found it difficalt to level up. But i beat on com
  10. B-Diddy [BooYa!]


    lol "oh no i don't want to be knocked down!" in all seriusness it does look like there getting knocked down durin those classic FF1 battles
  11. B-Diddy [BooYa!]


    second (fucking 25 charicters)
  12. B-Diddy [BooYa!]


    idk, pirets of the ceribian was pretty dark, lets hope disney let's this slide
  13. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    My Idea for a Slasher/ Thriller Film

    check out my idea for a Slasher/Thriller film, if your idea is used, your name will be credited in the film The Cabins This Film about a group of friends going out to some old cabins that one of the friends (the main character) has discovered in a small town not to far away. The Villagers have...
  14. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    358/2 days ending question

    yep, yep, yep memeries and friendship
  15. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    BBS Release day + Price

    oh fuck ya! i've been waitin for a kingdomhearts game on the psp!
  16. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    Confirmation of TVA modes

    nice dude, thx for putten them up
  17. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    [spoilers] Translated coded cutscenes

    :cool:DUDE! this is kickass! i was wored about missin shit after kh2, THAX A BAJILLION! + REP. Keep'em commin!:lol:
  18. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    anti form

    fuck anti form. id rather be waiting for a dog to take a shit on my face then to turn into anti form. Valor form is THE shit! # 1 in my book
  19. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    Kingdom Hearts; Cave in Destiny Islands

    oh ya, im playing trough the game now! there was a picture of a dragon head in Atlantica when ur going to fight ursala for the first time, i think that was in the cave to, or my memerys playing tricks on me...
  20. B-Diddy [BooYa!]

    Should I buy Days?

    ima gonna buy it! itll give me a reason to play my ds again! im gonna be Axel and BURN MOTHA FUCKAS TO THE GROUND!