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    Kingdom Hearts and Names

    (I'm sure or all of this has been explained somewhere already, but I need an outlet for my KH thoughts.) Anagrams of Xehanort (without the X): No Heart, Another, No Earth No Heart and Another are fairly obvious. The Heartless, Xehanorts obsession with manipulating hearts or replacing others'...
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    Rikunort: The 13th Vessel and the Darkness Suit

    Maybe even Xehanort knows when it's a cheap shot, haha. No, but I think there's some type of safe guard against that, like the heart in Sora wasn't developed enough or something. But it might happen and then, TADAA! Vanitas is basically back.
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    Master Xehanort's Appearance

    I would think that when the heartless and nobody are destroyed and go back to their original self, they know what their original self really is. Apprentice Xehanort is essentially an abomination and a disgrace by whoever did it (cough MX) as it's Terra's body and heart with MX's heart gaining...
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    Xehanort's many forms... (for those that are confused about what's going on)

    I don't claim to know all the answers, but MX definitely still exists. Terranort is made up of Terra's body, MX's heart, and Terra's heart that's stated to have Eraqus around somewhere in there. Xemnas is Terranort's nobody, Ansem SoD is Terranort's heartless. Remember that MX accidentally got...
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    I think Marluxia's somebody will be on the good guy's side

    You don't end up being the 3rd most powerful Organization member for nothing (after Xemnas and Roxas). I think he'll have some impressive skills and serve as a thorn in Xehanort's side.
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    Master Xehanort's motivation

    I believe that when MX was young and just starting to travel the worlds, he truly believed that darkness and light should be treated equally. We see throughout KH that light is seen as good and darkness is seen as bad. There's not a real balance there. Riku and DiZ both show us that, while...
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    I'd really like to know what "Xehanort's Guardian" really is.

    I think it's very cool that it just kind of appeared back in KH and we acknowledge it's symbiotic affect with versions of Xehanort even though we really have no idea what it is. It's kind of a meta way of introducing a character without ever directly referring to it. The only time we interact...
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    Day 322

    Riku kind of said that when he saw him.
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    Confused about the ending?

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - English Cutscenes Part 17: The World That Never Was (Sora) - YouTube 23:00 of this cutscene from TWTNW is YX saying he will lose his memories upon returning to his time if you want to see the in-game quote.
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    Confused about the ending?

    "Q: Give it to me in practical terms first. Concretely, officially, pragmatically, what is time travel used for? A: Gathering Xehanorts all throughout time to completely the necessary thirteen people of darkness. That's the gist of it. If the details make your head spin too much for you to...
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    Confused about the ending?

    I honestly haven't beaten the game yet, but I spoiled it for myself back when it released in Japan and read all the spoiler stuff. I know when I've read it, YX is the one who mentions that he won't remember his experiences time traveling, I'll try to find the quote.
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    Confused about the ending?

    In the KH universe, you always return to your original time after you're done time traveling and your memory gets wiped, essentially. So, you can't actually go live in another time or mess up the time you're coming from. The idea is that memories can't truly be forgotten though, like how...
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    Confused about the ending?

    This clears a lot of it up: Story FAQ: Confused? Come right in. We'll straighten you out. *spoilers galore* - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Message Board for 3DS - GameFAQs They will have some vague recollection of their plans, their "chain of memories" that can't truly be forgotten...
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    Better script than KH2? And BBS?

    Whoever wrote the descriptions for the Dream Eaters was having too much fun, haha.
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    frustration at the lack of commands

    Abilities have to repeat because they stats boosts are only active as long as they are in your party. If you decide to switch them, there has to be another way to get those stat boosts through other DE. I would have liked it if they made some minor loopholes though, like if you made a better...
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    Question about KH3D's ending...

    Even so, memories are never truly gone, so they may remember certain things in regards to Xion but not her.
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    Ansem, Seeker of Darkness

    The Ansem SoD in black definitely has the appearance of an aged Terra, as I've always said Xemans definitely relates more to Terra and Ansem SoD to MX, but the Riku-Ansem was definitely different than either of them in appearance at least.
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    frustration at the lack of commands

    One of the good things about this game was that it encouraged exploration for powerful commands, as they are often just on ledges or require going back to a new area in a world you've completed. Also, selling old commands such as Fira for dream pieces to make new Spirits that will give you more...
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    The reason why....

    The opening cutscene of 3D is Braig getting stabbed unknowingly by Xehanort. Whether they were in league of not, he didn't see that coming and wasn't warned about it. I'm saying, given that there were others like Ienzo who didn't turn into a Nobody willingly, shouldn't they have remembered that...