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    Help/Support ► ...that suicide is painless. It brings so many....

    Good luck and godspeed, Karate. Hope you find what you're looking for.
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    Why do people flame other people on this site?

    I couldn't help but notice that people on this site (especially on the Future of Kingdom Hearts threads) have been flaming others lately even though there are certain rules that say not to. Why do we do it? Do we really need to slap sense into people in a harsh way THAT badly?
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    Cɑɾƥε Iɲƒiɲiti

    Link to RP: click! Save spots: 1. Endless Warrior Sora 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Cɑɾƥε Iɲƒiɲiti (multi-fandom crossover)

    Link to OOC: click! Cɑɾƥε Iɲƒiɲiti A multi-fandom crossover RP Ϸʃot Infiniti: a world where almost anything is impossible. A world thought to only exist in stories. A world created by the imaginations of us human beings. That's right. We created this world unknowingly. How we created...
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    Name change

    *Isn't sure where to post this* Hello! I was wondering if I could get a name change. I'm getting tired of my old username. And if I could, can I change it to Ƙicƙass Ɓʃitʑ.
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    Transformers Between the Light and Darkness

    OOC/Sign ups Forgot to put that in the title. Link to RP: clicky! Spots saved for: 1. KurtZisa 2. Eternal Dream 3. Dragonstar1715 4. DarkHeart63 5. Umazak
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    Road to Dawn (Kingdom Hearts; ver. 2 OOC/Sign up)

    Link to RP: Clicky! List of Canons Sora ~ Dygado Riku ~ Skitty_Cat Kairi ~ King Mickey ~ Donald ~ Goofy ~ Will add more soon as soon as I can think of some. **Will not be accepting Org. XIII members, be they canon or non-canon** List of Accepted Characters Leyla "Mew" Yami ~ Skitty_Cat Noah...
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    Road to Dawn (Kingdom Hearts; ver. 2)

    Sign up link: Clicky! They call him Phobos. A man known for corrupting and destroying many worlds. He and his Heartless army rampage from world to world destroying everything in their path. His goals and plans are unknown. He wields a fearsome power that some refer to as Chaos. Chaos is a...
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    Transformers: Between the Light and Darkness

    OOC/Sign up thread: clicky! Main systems initializing... Password... ******... Password accepted... Welcome back Optimus Prime... Uploading journal entry #78928432 "Between the Light and Darkness"... Upload complete... December 18, 2008 Iacon, Cybertron 4:55 AM Out of the many...
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    Ignore this one.
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    I AM BACK BABY!!!!

    Heellooo! Twilight_Moon speaking! I am back after a one to two year hiatus! Why did I go on hiatus? Simple. Two people who were very close to me died. What sucks is that their deaths were two weeks apart. And so I lost interest in the forums. But now I'm over it and I'm BACK!
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    Taking a break...

    I'm gonna take a break from RPing for a bit. Feel free to control my characters until I get back.
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    Help/Support ► Crushing on someone you shouldn't.

    That's not true! I don't hate Rena!
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    Bionicle Destinies: The Artakha Chronicles

    (This is both run by Bionicle_Keyblade and myself) Bionicle Destinies The Arthakha Chronicles In a time before time, there was once a legendary great refuge called "Artakha" which was believed to be a place where you would go if you had done your job well. Inside the walls of the Refuge, a...
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    Fanfiction ► Transformers Omega

    AN: The intro was not meant to have action. It was only an opener for what the story was about. But don't worry, the other chapters will have more action as the story gets further. Chapter 1 Nagoya, Japan 8:37 PM BOOM! The Ark's landing was indeed a rough one. It crashed straight onto...
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    Help/Support ► Death issues; advice needed

    I am officially depressed again. Tonight ANOTHER person I'm close to just died! And it was two weeks after my other loved one died! Good lord my life sucks! I'm losing everybody! Who's next, my uncle?
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    Fanfiction ► Transformers Omega

    Transformers Omega Introduction Ten million years ago (Earth years), the planet Cybertron had created a new weapon that would aid its military self-defense force. It was believed to be made from the spark of Primus, the Creator, himself. It was designed in the shape of a circular shield...
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    ~*/With Wings of Destiny\*~

    My very own mix of Naruto, KH, FF and some Japanese folklore!! I've been wanting to do a various mix for some time now. So I got stuck with these four. Wish me luck. “We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours.” - Dag Hammarskjold ~*/With Wings...
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    Help/Support ► How do you let someone down gently?

    Aw, hell yeah it sucks! I get two problems in one week. First my loved one dies then this mess. *Sigh* At least it couldn't get any worse...
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    Help/Support ► How do you let someone down gently?

    Okay, there's this girl at my old school who's either the same age or a year younger than me. We chat on MSN messenger almost everyday. She has this crush on a certain boy who is much too old for him (He's like twenty five for God's sake). She asked me if I thought that her crush loved her...