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    roxas and ven at c.o

    The fact that both Sora and presumably still Ven are sleeping there at the time, must affect Roxas differently then simply Sora being near Ven. Odd, eh?
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    (Spoilers) Silver Headed Male

    So many possibilities that could essentially work... It's irritating. Though based on what Riku said, it seems Xehanort fits the bill... Though, I'd like it to be Terra, the color of the hair just doesn't match.
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    Well, how does Maleficent control the darkness and travel to other worlds? I'm sure in the same way Maleficent helped take Riku and herself to other worlds, MX could have done for Braig. Most of the villians we've seen in KH somewhat have control of the darkness without it eating them away...
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    [spoilers] contradicting ending and beginning

    EDIT: Nevermind 25 charactersssss
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    (spoilers)Am I the only one pissed at Aqua?

    But all those years of wandering, and she never thought that maybe the way out was behind her? Don't you think it's a little odd that a Keyblade 'Master' who managed to do so much up until that point, couldn't escape a place that so many other people have? I'm sure there's nothing story...
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    quick question or more

    Perhaps the Dual-Wielding ability Sora posses is in itself is a result of having Ven's heart, and his own heart that's capable of wielding a key blade. Thus, I assume Roxas was able to do this as well because he was the combined nobody Sora and Ven. (Sora's memories, and Ven's appearance.)...
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    (spoilers)Am I the only one pissed at Aqua?

    Micky managed to go the Darkness and get back on his own... Hell, even Ansem managed to make his way back. Why couldn't Aqua do it?
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    ...wtf? Nomura is an IDIOT.

    Oh, who cares. The guy's imperfect, and we already knew that anyway.
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    Keyblade Hand-off Theory: Roxas' Keyblades

    While I think the general idea is in the right direction, it just seems a bit to convoluted. I'd like to see Xion as some sort of freak manifestation of Sora's memories, perhaps in correlation to Namine's actions at Castle Oblivion. However, even that statement is risky since I'm still not...
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    Days ability question.

    I don't doubt it, but I also am skeptical. Since Axel was surprised about seeing Roxas with two Keyblades, and that was at pretty much the end of his lifespan, I'm not sure how long we'd get to use the ability or even when. He also has them when he fights Riku, so I'm not sure.
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    Terra + Xehanort theory

    No, no, no. The masked being is actually Terra's twin brother, who becomes lost in the power of darkness. You see, the masked one is in fact subverting the will of Old Xehanort to open Kingdom Hearts - Since his darkness forbids him from doing it himself. (He simply uses a false keyblade, and...
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    At the end of BBS

    Kingdom Hearts 1
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    Ok my unbirth theory!

    My other thought is that somehow Xehanort has already made contact with Kingdom Hearts. Based on the secret ending, it seemed like he was able to call upon what appears to be Kingdom Hearts relatively easy. Perhaps, though his own power or some kind of machine, he was just corrupting these...
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    Ok my unbirth theory!

    Perhaps they are what happens when a innocent (or otherwise) full person is slain (or released) by a keyblade. Or perhaps they are the slain, twisted into their current shape by Xehanort or another force.
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    star seeker 2

    This is a rather spammy and useless topic to tell you the truth..
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    Speculation About Micky...

    Next to Xehanort, he's one of the biggest mysterious characters around. And the one that really throws me off is the fact that Micky wields a Keyblade during the secret FMV in KH2FM+. Heres some of my questions, and I would like to hear some theories on them: 1) Exactly how old is Micky? 2)...
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    It's the middle of summer guys, just relax, and keep your spiriits up. You didn't think that something that was rumored to be released in fall would be released earlier do you?
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    Why did Ansem name him Xehanort?

    I've been digging deep in the Ansem reports and trying to come up with questions, and possible actions and alternatives to events that may or may not have happand. Most of this assumption. The only things I consider facts are the things that are said in some way in the game, and or in the...
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    OFFICIAL square enix response to KH2 Final Mix + in US

    Or he skims the e-mail, sees what it's general topic is about, and uses a pre-written response if it's a popular question.