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  1. furusatoe

    Best Way to Play Critical Mode?

    So I started playing CM a few nights ago and am in Twilight Town now (I'm slow...). Really love the 1v1 fights, but still trying to figure out mob fights. I don't mind dying over and over when I can immediately retry the fight, but it's a real de-motivator when you make it through one mob fight...
  2. furusatoe

    Best Way to Play Critical Mode?

    Admittedly, I haven't read up much on EZ codes but aren't they designed to make the game easy? How is critical "still hard" even while using EZ codes? Also, would you recommend using attractions for critical mode or not? I didn't use them for my second playthrough on Proud because I found them...
  3. furusatoe

    Best Way to Play Critical Mode?

    I haven't picked up KH3 since March 2019, right after I beat the game a second time. I'm itching to get back so I can play through Critical Mode and experience ReMind. So my question: what's considered the "optimal" way to experience Critical? Do I go in only with the free updates; do I purchase...
  4. furusatoe

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Sorry if this has already been discussed - I haven't combed through the thread - but what is the likelihood that Eraqus and Xehanort were part of a trio with a currently unknown girl? I don't believe a relationship like this is ever alluded to in KH3, but given Nomura's love of trios it seems...
  5. furusatoe

    Are you more or less optimistic about the writing for future titles?

    I don't see this as a veiled question as to whether you liked KH3 or not. I think it's possible to have been disappointed with KH3, but also relieved that the Xehanort saga is at least finished and Nomura can move on to new threads. Maybe even escape some of the webs of convolution he weaved...
  6. furusatoe

    If you can only add THREE THINGS to improve KH3 via DLC, what would they be?

    I understand this is similar to the threads asking for what you want in the Final Mix version of the game, but I see the constraint of three additions as notable enough to warrant its own thread. None of us are going to get everything we want, so I'm curious to know the three things that are...
  7. furusatoe

    What are they looking at?

    I haven’t seen any discussion about this aspect of the ending I found curious.
  8. furusatoe

    The one thing I wanted to happen, didn't.

    One of the biggest benefits to not having all of the rescuing happen at the last minute, so to speak, would have been to allow time for more character interactions like this. We don't really get a Riku/Terra moment because by the time Terra is rescued we are just on the cusp of the finale. And...
  9. furusatoe

    Post KH3 Mysteries List (Spoilers)

    This had me confused too. His moment was cool, but the way he just disappeared was underwhelming. I wanted more.
  10. furusatoe


    Alright, we may have an explanation as to how Xion's memory of herself and other's memories of her resurfaced but . . . is anyone else disappointed in how Xion didn't surface AT ALL - either in dialogue or cutscene - until this moment? (Setting aside Axel's hallucination.) I dunno, it just seems...
  11. furusatoe

    Kingdom Hearts III OST: Shimomura, Ishimoto

    The main issue with the soundtrack is that it sounds more like a Greatest Hits compilation. I cannot recall, off the top of my head, any really great original songs. Most of the standouts are remixes of older tracks. To the point above, though, my opinion may change when I listen on headphones.
  12. furusatoe

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    To the speculation that this ending signals a pivoting away from Disney: one might have also thought this about Another Side, Another Story (and Deep Dive, were it not for the Mickey scene at the very end). Just because it has a dark aesthetic and seems to be incorporating ideas from Versus XIII...
  13. furusatoe


  14. furusatoe


    Actually I lied, I did tear up during the reunion scene, but I think it had more to do with Xion's theme playing - which just breaks me - than it did with the effectiveness of what was happening on screen.
  15. furusatoe


    I just finished the game last night and have some questions about how Xion is utilized in this game. Note that I have only watched the cutscene movie of Days, which may be why I'm confused.
  16. furusatoe

    Using keyblade transformations and situation commands

    I'm pretty familiar with using the situation commands from my experience with 0.2, but as I was playing last night I wanted to know if there was a way to know when a transformation or a situation command is about to expire? I know there is a timer to activate them, but once activated is there a...
  17. furusatoe

    RE: Graphics, Framerate, etc.

    RE: Graphics, Framerate, etc. Started my playthrough tonight and was surprised to discover that a) the graphics haven’t changed much from 0.2 and b) there is no significant improvement in the framerate problems 0.2 suffered from when playing on a regular PS4. Anyone else feel this way? For...
  18. furusatoe

    Something is not in the game it seems.

    In any case, I hope there is a critical mode, or it's added later. Though I must say I'm going through critical on 0.2 right now and it's more frustrating than challenging. I much preferred proud mode, I think. I liked critical on KH2FM, though.
  19. furusatoe

    Something is not in the game it seems.

    Didn't Nomura say in that Famitsu interview that there's a critical mode? EDIT: oh, I see, the interview was edited to remove mention of critical.
  20. furusatoe

    Where is the spoiler thread?

    My post count definitely went down. I know because I had most of my posts in that thread. :p EDIT: looks like it was magically restored. I was at ten posts an hour ago, and now I'm back at 30+