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    Fanfiction ► Destiny's Fate -

    Hey everyone! Just letting you all know that Princess of KH wanted me to tell you that she hasn't been posting any other chapters because she hasn't gotten a chance to get online lately. However the story is definetely not over and she plans to continue it.
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    Fanfiction ► The Living Legacy - a Naruto fanfiction preview

    YAY WOOO! First post! I already love this!!!! I'm actually just getting in to naruto, which is why i got ultimate ninja storm to learn more about it. Now I beat it and I'm really excited about it!!!
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    Heavy Rain

    It's been a LONG time since we've heard ANYTHING about this game. Since 2006 I think. But now some new info, pics, and a short trailer has been released for it. I personally think this game is gonna be amazing. Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer Impressions - PlayStation 3 News at GameSpot
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    Japanese movies

    I'm not sure if I should put this here or media but whatever. Do you watch japanese movies? If so, which is your favorite one? Mine would definitely be Battle Royale! BR2 wasn't near as good but it was still a decent movie.
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    The Last Remnant

    A while back there was a lot of talk about one of Square-Enix's newest games, The Last Remnant. I've started thinking about the game and I noticed I haven't heard any news on it for months. The last I've seen anything about the game was at TGS when the 2nd trailer was revealed. Does anyone have...
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    I just started watching the show and now I'm addicted to it. It's my new favorite anime. It's so stupid and random but hilarious at the same time! Who else watches( or used to watch) the show?
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    Help/Support ► Not another relationship thread!!!

    Well guys I was gonna post here yesterday but I was in a bad mood so here I am today lol. Well, today our school had this thing at the park by our school, It wasl like a fundraiser or something like that( yay! out of school early!) and all we had to do was walk around the park 2 times then hang...
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    Help/Support ► Not another relationship thread!!!

    The thing I'm having the most trouble with now is just getting started talking to her. It would be weird if I( a guy that's only said about 10 words to her over the past year) just walk up to her 1 day and start talking to her about some random topic. How the crap do I get started talking to...
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    Help/Support ► Not another relationship thread!!!

    Smooth.... your a genius!!! Your idea is so perfect because she texts a LOT! Sadly I just now looked at your post after school so it's too late today lol. But I'll try tomorrow. Today I was this close to talkin to her. It was last period and we had just finished watching some kind of boring...
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    Help/Support ► Not another relationship thread!!!

    You all have some good advice. I'll try starting a conversation on Monday. It's just so hard to get started talking to her though. Like, one time at lunch, she's sitting directly in front of me. I wanted to say something to her so badly but when I tried this nervous feeling came over me and I...
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    Help/Support ► Not another relationship thread!!!

    Ok, just so you know, I go to a small private school. So 1 grade stays in 1 class the whole day(for the most part) like 7th graders are all in 1 class. same with 8th and 9th etc. So I see her all day actually. Yeah well my parents really want me to go back to public school and I'm getting kind...
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    Help/Support ► Not another relationship thread!!!

    Ok well there's this girl in my class that I like. A LOT! But, we're not really friends. I mean every so often I would talk to her but we never exactly had a whole conversation. I'm like 99.9999999999% sure she dosen't like me though. But I think I may be seriously in love with her. She's...
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    The Proud Family

    Does anyone remember the Proud Family. That was probably THE best cartoon I've ever seen. But it only comes on like once a week. And I'm at school so I can't watch it. Who else watched the show?
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    question about 2 games

    I heard that Uncharted and Heavenly Sword are both going to be a series. I can believe Uncharted becouse Naughty Dog's always making franchises( crash bandicoot and Jak and Daxter). But I don't know about Heavenly Sword. Can someone tell me if this is true or not?
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    FFIV release date?

    Does anyone know when FFIV is coming out? I checked IGN and all that says under US was Unreleased. Can someone help!!
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    Crisis Core release date?

    Does anyone know about a release date for CC? It's been about a month or 2 since it released overseas but I STILL haven't heard of a date. I even heard a rumor that the game's not coming to the U.S!!:cursing: Does ANYONE have any info?
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    Happy birthday to me!!

    Actually it was on Monday but who cares! Yay I'm 14 now!! :thumbsup:
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    PS3 Internet help

    Okay. I just got a PS3 on my birthday. I'm trying to connect to the internet wirelessly but it won't work. Every time I test the connection, it almost works but then it says "It can't find the name of the server" or something like that. I takes place after it finds the IP address. Can anyone...
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    Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix game

    The trailer of the game is finally released! IGN: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Trailer, Videos and Movies IMO, This on looks a LOT better than the other harry potter games (especially Goblet of Fire).
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] Don't know if this has been posted yet but... Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix Secret Ending Video - Square-Enix, Buena Vista Videos on IMEEM It's an EXTEREMLY HQ version of the secret ending. Of course their are a couple of pixelated parts but not many.