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  1. DestinysPromise

    Command Board

    I only go to the Command Board if I need an easy way out on leveling up commands. It's okay to play, but I prefer Mario Party's for the fun. Haha yea Captain Dark gets so annoying...I was near close to winning - lasted up to second place tho. >:0
  2. DestinysPromise

    Is Re: Coded important to the storyline?

    At first when it was a cellphone game; I didn't care much for it especially since it was only released in Japan; but now I'm still alittle unsure I believe they probably would add some more detail to make the story apart of the franchise. :]
  3. DestinysPromise

    Terra's Voice..

    I think his voice is fine; it's just certain parts he could have done a lot better by adding some damn emotion. Instead of sounding so monotone.
  4. DestinysPromise

    How much have you completed?

    um I'll just keep this short & simple; I'm just about halfway done with Aqua's story. Played through Terra and Ven already. edit: percentage about 79% done
  5. DestinysPromise

    Birth by Sleep -FINAL MIX- announced! (Famitsu scans here!)

    ... -.- ah well; as long as I have my copy. - I'm cool with it :P
  6. DestinysPromise

    What level were you when you beat the game?

    Jap Version: 45-50 range for Proud English Version: 30-ish for Standard
  7. DestinysPromise

    What order do you recommend to finish the game in?

    Terra, Ven, Aqua Reason: Nomura :P
  8. DestinysPromise

    Favorite Quote?

    Braig: "I didn't sign up to be collateral damage" "That would have ruined my week for sure". Ven: "...take two grown-UP's". (or uh something like that, when he gives Aqua and Terra their passes to Disney Town.)
  9. DestinysPromise

    Whoa, glitch noticed

    Hahaha. funny. if I were playing this I probably would have never noticed it.
  10. DestinysPromise

    -eye twitch- Whoever invented Ice Cream Beat needs to be shot.

    When I first played the mini-game I failed horribly, Still bad at the game but I just like listening to the music. My current fav mini-game is Fruitball. ^^
  11. DestinysPromise

    So, you think you hate the camera?

    I think it's fine. Concerning to all current KH games, I'm pretty much used to it.
  12. DestinysPromise


    I pre-ordered mine back in June. >.< I got mine when I went in to get the game, I mean if you want them you can get them off of ebay some people are selling them, but honestly they look slightly tacky IMO.
  13. DestinysPromise

    Kinda disappointing...

    Yes, like everyone else; use data install :D There's three different to choose from, but it's up to you figuring how much free space you'll need. And your preference of course :D
  14. DestinysPromise

    wTf kh

    Your post seriously confused me. :/
  15. DestinysPromise

    PSP Themes

    Hopefully. I've been anxious just too see those others get unlocked. Anyway I'll go register the one that came with my game :D
  16. DestinysPromise

    today's the day!!!!!!!

    Yes, it's finally here for our North American fans!! :D *throws confetti*
  17. DestinysPromise

    What order are you gonna play in?

    Terra, Ven, Aqua to understand the story better, and plus Nomura recommend to start this way :)
  18. DestinysPromise

    I'm sad :(

    aww that sucks, see if gamestop could possibly fix it. Recently, my PSP was near close to falling on concrete, but thankfully I caught it like a ninja ;P
  19. DestinysPromise

    question how do i get last episode

    You have to finish all their stories to get to the final episode, then once your done with those, THEN SAVE, and then go to Land of Departure, then MF will be there ^^ Edit: uh nevermind this, just read above post.
  20. DestinysPromise

    Official BbS TV spot discussion

    Re: lol BBS ad First saw it today during...the Jersey Shore Mini Marathon that's on (hehe that ryhmes)