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    Whats the deal with BBS Volume 2?

    Was it scrapped for good? I can't find any info on it
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    The significance of orange/yellow eyes.

    I would LOVE to see where and when it says that. I'm pretty sure it doesn't.
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    The significance of orange/yellow eyes.

    As we've seen, orange or yellowish eyes usually signify that the person has experienced dangerous amounts of darkness. However, is it just darkness or is it something else? As we've seen both Braig and Isa had normal colored eyes, but somehow their eye colors change to orange. Many people assume...
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    Affinity level

    What is the maximum affinity level your Dream Eaters can get? I'm up to 7 on one of them, but when is it maxed out?
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    Gameinformer review

    According to Gameinformer's website, they gave KH3D an 8.25, but according to this scan from this month's issue of Gameinformer, the game scored a 94. Why is that? Was it just a typo? or are the magazine and website reviews two separate reviews from different people? Here's the magazine scan...
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    Flick Rush

    How do you unlock more Flick Rush cups? And how many are there?
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    Lea and Ienzo

    I'm nearly 100% sure that Lea and Ienzo share a scene in DDD. Do they ever mention the fact that Axel had Zexion killed by Repliku? Shouldn't Ienzo be pissed? What about Even?
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    Can someone explain these to me? What's the purpose of including these if they are optional? Do they make it clear that you HAVE to watch these to get the full story? From what I've seen you have to watch them all, or it makes no sense.
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    IGN Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review

    Good review, but I don't trust IGN much. Every single major Zelda game that has be released has received a 9.0 or above. Even the DS ones. And I think EVERY console game has received a perfect 10. Seems pretty fishy considering the Zelda series and the Kingdom Hearts series share many flaws. The...
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    Mickey's keyblade

    There is absolutely no reason to be hostile. It was a simple question that I wanted clarification on. People don't post on these forums as much when people respond the way you did to their posts. My thread was a question I had, and it wasn't placed in the wrong section or anything.
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    Mickey's keyblade

    But why randomly show that point in Coded?
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    Mickey's keyblade

    Any explanation on why Mickey used Star Seeker in re: Coded? I'm pretty sure he uses Kingdom Key D in KH:3D.
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    Celebrities who like Kingdom Hearts

    Lately I've been trying to compile a list of celebs who are fans of the series. So far I have discovered Skrillex is a fan, as well as Soulja Boy the rapper. My sources include a Skrillex interview here: Skrillex Chats With 98 Rock's Mike Anderson - YouTube! And G4TV's top 100 game countdown...
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    Braig or Xigbar?

    Any confirmation on who the guy at the end of 3D who confronts Sora is yet? Not that it really matters because they are technically the same person, but for clarity's sake... He and others refer to him as Xigbar, and his theme song is titled "Xigbar". So is it Xigbar or Braig? Is it Xigbar, but...
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    Any confirmation on how...

    That's a flashback, isn't it?
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    Any confirmation on how...

    Xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless are alive again? How did MX do that? Is it just part of a dream? And is YMX part of the dream too? Or is it really him, but he traveled to the future? And is that Xigbar or Braig? Shouldn't it be Braig?
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    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    Is anyone going to explain those glasses and the cake? Anyone? Is it canon? PLEASE
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    KH3D Livestreams, Comprehensive Impressions, and Playthroughs!

    Wait wait why is Sora wearing those glasses? And the cake? I dont understand. someone please fill me in. Is this canon?!
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    Braig's motivation.

    Why exactly did Braig agree to aid Master Xehanort? I assumed it was because he wanted to ally with someone so strong, or because MX simply forced him. The scene where MX threatens Braig with his Keyblade supports this, but is there a more concrete reason?
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    So, is BBS volume 2 still a thing orrr?

    If it's really a new game, do you think it will be released after 3D? Also, do you think it could be a prequel to the original BBS? A prequel to a prequel is pretty crazy, but it could work. 3D is theorized to give us backstory on Xehanort as a boy. Perhaps BBS Volume 2 allows you to play as...