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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    the doom spell? the one were he shoots wires at you and it starts counting down? I usually have no problem with that(just tap X reeally fast) unless he casts it twice or it gets me unexpected. the move I have problems dodging is the one where he jumps up and grabs you with his string and hits...
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    so no confirmation on the ability thing? I'm still trying to beat him with a level 50 ven with all abilities so any suggestions? I've been trying to just use thunder roll to dodge his attacks and hit him but that only works for the first few hits before he gets to attackitive.
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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before as I don't want to go through 60 pages of argueing who this guy is, this guy has beaten him with all three without cheats. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=336ElKAWpHI in his comments he theorizes the way to beat him is in the abilities you have...
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    long explamation to who xehanort really is and how he kept his body while being a heartless!

    In theory Sora was basically a sentient heartless from a hollow bastion in kh1 to memory skyscraper in kh2 and since kiari gave him his original looks back through her super princess powers and then I thought of that line in kh:com, I dont remember exactly but one of the members(I think it was...
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    Coded international release maybe

    I was thinking maybe it could be released as a wii ware or dsi ware couldn't it I think dsi ware would be the more appropriate choice with the ds being closer to a cellphone but wiiware could go to a larger amount of people. discuss please.
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    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    not at all. I don't know what does maybe its just random...
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    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    it doesn't, it effects sora's beginning stats. the sword represents strength and shield defense and wand magic and whichever you choose ups whatever stat it represents and the one you forget lowers your beginning stat and also whatever you choose effects what abilities you get at level up.
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    i'll say a few things 1. oromis your two keys +two hearts is completely bogus, roxas and xion are great examples of this they both have no heart and don't anyone say roxas does because then he wouldn't be a nobody he would be a whole person 2. xion and roxas have no memories of ever having a...
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    Isn't it ironic.

    the same irony applies to nobodies too because they're a body and soul and their name is no body. I always thought the only way to become complete again is if both the nobody and heartless are destroyed so maybe he was just afraid of being erased or something
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    There's something about Sora...

    I liked com/re:com sora because in the first game he just seemed like a crazy person barging into places swinging a key around saying "WHERES MY FRIENDS!!!" in kh2 it was this too a lesser extent but still annoying in kh:com he started acting like a real person and really the reason he was a...
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    kingdom hearts clothes

    sora looks the same in kh and kh2 he's just wearing black version of his kh in kh2 kiari clothes in kh they were 50/50 the mini skirt made me question esrb's rating system but in kh2 I loved the zipper dress skirt thingy as for riku the puffy pants and huge orange shoes and suspenders kinda made...
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    Is it just me?

    yah space paranoids is easy the light cycle race can be annoying but still easy the pride lands is probably the hardest world
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    Secret Ending actual ending?

    Or it could be the first boss and the battle could explain why VAT are chasing him
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    forced existence

    I'm counting nothing along with heart, body and soul because whats left after you separate a heart body and soul nothing and thats what unbirths are nothing
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    forced existence

    I never said they came into existence a natural way. I'm saying that if namine exist even though she's made of nothing why can't unbirths be made from nothing
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    forced existence

    the whole reason they act the way they do is because they came from nothing they are not suppose to exist in any way but the do therefore UNATURAL if thay came into existince in a natural way then they'd act like any other living thing but still who knows what nomura is plotting for us.
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    forced existence

    namine came from pracically nothing.
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    forced existence

    I was reading that unbirth theory "the very merry unbirthday" and when I was trying to make sense of it when it hit me what if unbirths were never suppose to exist but unlike nobodies and heartless they never previously existed as a whole being. What I'm saying is what if unbirths are created...
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    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    no boss gave me too much trouble in sora's story I was prepared for a really hard boss fight when I got to marluxia but he was so easy in riku's story the last repiku gave me trouble andso did the final ansem fight I haven't beat re:com yet though
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    Riku and terra connection

    the me most popular theory is that terra and MX fused together and forgot everything and don't double post here's an edit button there for a reason