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  1. Kurenai

    Are the side games vital to understanding the full KH plot?

    Organization XIII was first introduced in CoM and the beginning of KHII pretty much picks up from the ending of CoM, and I knew what was going on already when I started playing II, so, if you want a better understanding on things that happened in KHII, then you should def. play CoM, it seems...
  2. Kurenai

    i just noticed

    You'll probably find more luck finding fan-made ones online than hottopic ever coming out with them.
  3. Kurenai

    Buying A PSP just for BBS?

    I luckily didn't have to buy a PSP, someone left a PSP where my mom works and they had it in the lost and found for about 2 months and after no one came to claim it she was able to just give it to me as a free present :s And it came with Tekken: DR too so woohoo now I'll have BBS along with it<3
  4. Kurenai

    Hello everyone :DD

    Hi everyone! I need some srs catchup on my KH news, I've fallen behind so much its not even funny. I'm seeing all these new characters and I'm like "whats happening :(" my knowledge stops after KH II /lame so I hope to find out more on here and make some good forum friends :D! I hope to see you...