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  1. zekro94

    KINGDOM HEARTS Missing Link Coming 2024!

    I don't know if anyone noticed but at the 19 seconds mark the voice sounds like Uchiyama Kouki, the japanese voice of Ventus and Roxas. New character? Ventus? Let the speculation begin. Before him it seems to be Makoto Furukawa, new voice in KH but is known to voice Saitama in One Punch Man...
  2. zekro94

    FFXVI Greatwood in KH4

    I know but what if the AT-ST foot is a red herring? what if it's something else that just resembles a little bit on that part of the feet? There's a reason for thinking this: In NEO:Twewy there's a character who looks like an older character from the original Twewy, Nomura said it's not that...
  3. zekro94

    FFXVI Greatwood in KH4

    So I watched someone play Final Fantasy XVI and the part where they go to the Greatwood made me realize how similar it is to the woods in the KH4 trailer, yeah sure quality differences but still, thinking that the KH team helped with FFXVI and just seeing it ingame. Of course it just could be...
  4. zekro94

    Possible inspiration for FFVII Remake boss?

    Yes, I know that, I was saying that nomura has given some ideas or direction fo the remake, we know he wanted the story to be changed as little as possible but maybe after seeing the direction it went he thought of implementing something he couldn't do for so many years. Funny thing is if you...
  5. zekro94

    Possible inspiration for FFVII Remake boss?

    Have you noticed something about the Whisper Harbinger? He might be inspired by a scrapped idea for a form of Xemnas that was to be used in Kingdom Hearts 2. Might seem silly at first but what if that was an idea Nomura had? He often reuses ideas from past games or shelved ones which never...
  6. zekro94

    Tried to decrypt Nomura's message

    So I tried to see if I can decrypt the message from the 20th anniversary event, that x may indeed be a scalean 4, however I'm not sure 100% So I looked at the message in japanese and I tried to select only the 4th kanji everytime and tried to read them differently. After assembling what might be...
  7. zekro94

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    This confirms Skuld is subject X, she is tired from the fight so it makes sense that she only says a few words
  8. zekro94

    Creating bodies was a hard thing up until KH3

    Everyone is born with a heart as demonstrated in BBS when MX takes ven to destiny islands, Soras heart is the one repairing Ventus' As we know, that's the moment Sora is born. Also that's why vanitas looks like Sora
  9. zekro94

    Creating bodies was a hard thing up until KH3

    Don't forget that Vexen started creating bodies in KH Chain of memories, the first being Riku Replica, which was the first succes after having created Xion, Xion was imperfect because she neded to absorb Roxas' powers and memories in order to complete herself as a Replica. Remember when Xemnas...
  10. zekro94

    News ► NEO: The World Ends With You new screenshots and character artwork released

    Now that you say that, yeah looking at him it sure feels like Neku. One thing to note though, in the trailer at the last seconds if you pause it and go frame by frame, he has the same hair colour as Rindo
  11. zekro94

    News ► NEO: The World Ends With You new screenshots and character artwork released

    Or maybe we're led to believe it's Neku when it's someone else
  12. zekro94

    Certain scene from the Days movie and KH3 Epilogue

    I don't know if it's still considered a spoiler but read it after seeing the epilogue so here I go. We now know that Xigbar is Luxu from the age of fairy tales, we also know that Ventus existed in that time. Now onto the main thing I'm getting at, remember this scene from 358/2 Days? Xigbar...