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    Harry Potter; Marauding Years (OMFG! How COOL!)

    Yes, I know, I'm 17, I shouldn't be reading Harry Potter, but we all have our guilty little pleasures, no? So, myself, along with the fabulous MeilinII, who will be helping me GM, [thanks again] have conspired to devise this. Yes, it is a Harry Potter Role Play, but we're going to try to be a...
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    Fire Emblem RP (even if you've never played)

    Ok, so Fire Emblem is great. I just cannot stress that enough. Even if you’ve never played it or heard of it, you should join. It’s fairly straight forward, and appealing to any RPer, especially if you’ve ever played old school DnD. Anyway, here’s a reference map if you’re not familiar with FE...
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    Fire Emblem

    If this is here already I apologize, but I figured it deserved a thread. You know, Sacred Stones just came out for GBA and Path of Radiance!Souen No Kiseki is set for October(?) and Rekka no Ken's been out for a while. What do you think of these games, as a whole? And if you've had a chance to...