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    New BBS Trailer *Spoilers if you understand Japanese*

    awesome, thats good quality, im sure i've seen it before though. nice find anwyays
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    battle techniques and styles

    right, recently i started playing through KH again for the 3rd time and each time i have played i have found myself using an entirely diferent playstyle. so i thought that there must be a lot of people here who have pretty clever and innovative ways of using the battle system. so i dont know if...
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    who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephiroth?

    Re: who has finished KH1, lvl. 100, secret ending and ultima weapon & defeated Sephir maan, i am filled with same- i managed to beat sephy pretty easily, but i never mnaged to grind my way to 100, everything i did though.
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    The cave of wonders Boss fight

    admitedly it was a pretty long and tedious fight, but i only thought that because i got bored of jumping on him so i started wailing on his heartless he breathes out. this fight was annoying, but just running up its neck and beating on they eyes didnt realy take long if you can survive the...
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    Hollow bastion riku ?

    i noticed while playing through KH, in the lowest section of hollow bastion, the solid water section next to the dungeon- that there are two platforms that are embeded in a wall, requring the pressing of two switches to make them come out of the wall enabling you to just across them. this i...
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    3 questions

    I have three questions about the keyblade aprentices and ansem the wise's aprentices. Ven/Ventus, Aqua and Aera mean wind, water and earth in latin. Also Sora means air in japanese, that much i know, but since my knowledge of latin and japanese is practialy nonexistant, i was wondering if...
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    Most fun boss to fight?

    sephiroth in KH1 definitely...i can still hear the sound of my brother screaming "HEAL!!"at me everytime sephiroth hit me...what i would've done for leaf guard back in those days...
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    just a quick point,if u already know please dont flame me im pretty sure nothing in KH2 was cencored for european release, except for xigbar's sniper and the port royal crossbow, but thats probably just because the european guys just wanted to release it quckly.i can clearly remember laughing...