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    The soldier with the broken faceplate

    could the soldier with the broken face plate be Sora i rekon it could cause if you examine the face carefully there are similaritites but this soldier is older so mabey this is sora from KHIII coming from another. This probably doesnt make sense to anyone but it sounded good when i thoaught of it.
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    Post Funny Made Up Kingdom Hearts Stories Here

    POST your funny stories here
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    About to Crack? C:

    I was so close at watching a couple of cutscenes and the ending of khII but i steered my hand i must have self control, the only thing i regret is that i watched the opening FMV movie god this is me why must they us , ive already got the friggin money and evrything woldnt it be...
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    yeah kh2 import

    what was the site?
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    Dont Ya Think?

    Dont ya think that kingdom hearts and Harry potter are simalar Ansem: Voldemort Sora:Harry potter Kairi : Hermione Riku: Ron Mickey: Dumbledore and so on and so forth Its a bit weird dont you think?
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    Could it be?

    Could it be that Axel versed Sora first and before he was able too deliver the finishing blow BHK was born from the other side of Sora's heart as hes protecter. wat do u think?
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    Do you think?

    Do u think that at the end o Kh2 that there will be a fight between Rik and Sora? over the outcome of wha will happen?
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    Who is going to be your favorite character in kh2

    itl hav to be Riku Sora Axel and Diz wat the hell all of em
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    Thread of the Year: BHK's NAME IS NOT REVEALED.

    Re: BHK's NAME IS REVEALED. i dont reckon u r telling the truth because chara sounds such like a girls name wat is th site wear u got the scan from
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    Fanfiction ► Naminé's story(working title+has nothing to do with kh)

    Re: Naminé's story(working title+has nothing to do with kh) its good i liked the way youve written it its sad at points but good job
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    Dizes intentions

    I heard theunknowns wanted to open the dooor to become more than a shell i like ur theory though
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    Blind folded riku

    owell jut a theory
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    Blind folded riku

    I reckon the blind folded riku is the fake from KH:CoM he wears the blind fold to be different because hes so cut by being an imitation Resons? Hes probly searching for Namine to Attach fake memories He also probably wears the blind fold to be told apart from the real riku i dont reckon...
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    test noone look
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    Create A Weapon

    CREATE A WEAPON AND NAME IT wat would u have if u lived in the kh storyline?
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    Sora and BHKs Arch enimies

    Thats so good i wish i thought of it i had a similar theory but was discouraged to put it up thanxs for not me down
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    Sora and bhks arch enimies

    I reckon Diz is BHKS arch enemy like ansem is to sora PS dont shoot this down to harshley its my first thread
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    Sora and BHKs Arch enimies

    I reckon that diz is BHKS arch enemy like Ansem is too sora PS plz dont shoot this down to harshley as it is my first theory
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    Kiaris new look

    All u saying the uniform is plain your right but uniforms are always plain
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    New KH2 Info AND Pictures next week!

    stuff imersion