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  1. GlaneTheMuffin

    Black Coated Coded Guy Identity

    WOAH! Do they have those?? That would be awesome!! ... anyway, I honestly think you're saying it's Marluxia because your a Marluxia fan xD If it being Marluxia was possible, couldn't it just as possibly be Larxene? Or Vexen?
  2. GlaneTheMuffin

    Pre Order Bonus with Re: Chain of Memories from GameStop

    That's good enough reason for me to pre-order~! *plans on doing so at the next Gamestop visit*
  3. GlaneTheMuffin

    Help/Support ► Date-thing...

    Umm...thanks lol. But yup, all in all, if it happens, it happens. If your cool with it, enjoy the moment. You never know what lies ahead...good or bad. but if you do go through with it...make sure you aactually have some kind of emotion for her. You don't wanna make out with someone who likes...
  4. GlaneTheMuffin

    Help/Support ► Date-thing...

    Woah woah WOAH! You're saying you'd rather make out than watch HSM3??? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! .. no jk, you're making the right choice. lol Well, here's what I say: Just let it happen. If you're OK with it, and she wants to do it, do it. This is the oerfect time to quote a friend of mine as...
  5. GlaneTheMuffin

    Bullsh*t, Xion

    Xion = Super Awesome. I already like her more than Namine', and even more than Sora...(who I really dont like too much). I really dont see what's so unlikeable about her though. sure, it seems Nomura is trying to do something like pushing in a new character, but what do we really know about her...
  6. GlaneTheMuffin

    358 Days trailer (subbed + nonsubbed), YouTube and download

    Re: 358 Days trailer (subbed), YouTube and download LOL!! What Axel says about the sun setting is true!!!!
  7. GlaneTheMuffin

    Pronunciation of Xion...lol

    =P so Zaye-on most likely isnt right. lol I guess I'll be pronouncing it Zee-Ahn or Zi-ohn or whatever from now on~
  8. GlaneTheMuffin

    Pronunciation of Xion...lol

    So I was just curious....how does everyone pronounce 'Xion'? I always said it as "Zaye-on" but the new traier has Namine pronounce it as "Zee-on" (I'm pretty sure) ... So does anyone say it one of those 2 ways? Or anything diffrent? (Oh and...this is the right section...right??)
  9. GlaneTheMuffin

    Help/Support ► More than a friend?

    Go for it! Well, when your ready, that is. If you're as good friends as you say you are, he should understand if you want to make sure saying 'yes' is the right choice. Don't say yes because he wants you to say it. Say it if you know YOU want to say it. When you're ready, try going on a few...
  10. GlaneTheMuffin

    Screenshots from English Re: Chain of Memories

    well its not that long a wait, so its no big deal. ...wait, there were regular CoM commercials?? o_O never saw em on TV...
  11. GlaneTheMuffin

    Screenshots from English Re: Chain of Memories

    The screenshots look a bit...off.. but I'm sure thats only bescause they're screenshots. ... now I want videos... >.<
  12. GlaneTheMuffin

    Screenshots from English Re: Chain of Memories

    Because it is a KH game...i am excited~ Because it is CoM..I am not. I...never beat the GBA one... ... i got stuck at a riku fight.... .... ...... so how bout dem graphics? lol
  13. GlaneTheMuffin

    How did you find out about Kingdom Hearts?

    I saw ads in a magazine...thought it was gay... saw the box in stores...thought Sora was a girl, so I didnt wanna play anything with a girl in it. (I was as naiive as any kid my age..which idk wat was lol) My friend came over one day and brought it..when he told me Sora was a dude, we popped it...
  14. GlaneTheMuffin

    xion's somebody

    lol its a big mystery~ most likely we'll have to wait quite awhile to find out moar about Xion..we don't know too much at all, let alone who's nobody she is.
  15. GlaneTheMuffin

    Kurt Zisa

    Use Aeroga!!! lol It helps in the long run. I haven't fought him iin so long...I can't remember what to do lol even what everyone said dosent make sense to me anymoar....
  16. GlaneTheMuffin

    aqua's 7 seconds of lime light

    I saw umm...Aqua fighting. O_o other than that... what seemed to be her gliding a few feet off the ground...I think..
  17. GlaneTheMuffin

    Help/Support ► need some advice

    First off, don't hit him unless he hits you! If you get attacked first, hitting him back counts as self defense. Now if this guy's a bone-head, talking to him probly won't work. Personal Experience. Basically the same thing happened to be in freshman year. Except this dude was FAT! He nearly...
  18. GlaneTheMuffin

    358/2 Days theory

    yup, R-K says the truth... ans the title IS a code, as stated by Nomura (right?), and it will be perfectly clear upon completing the game.
  19. GlaneTheMuffin

    Drawing of Xion from Someone at TGS. *Spoilers, I guess*

    i can't beleive i just read through this entire thread...lol well it was too tempting, I made a sig out of the Xion pic:
  20. GlaneTheMuffin

    Drawing of Xion from Someone at TGS. *Spoilers, I guess*

    Daaaaang.... With all the pics of her with her hood up and the screens of her with Riku, she looked so...tough. But with this picture..and recent trailers and everything...she seems so innocent... ... I think she's already among my favorite characters...