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    NOOOOOO!!!! The Yaoi has already started mocking BBS

    If you dislike it so much, why are you posting links to it? :/ Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You don't need to trash other people's pairings or be hypocritical about it. It's okay that you don't like something, but that reason alone doesn't make it wrong nor is it your place to keep...
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    {Spoiler} Riku, Ven

    Hey again! You're all probably sick of me already. =D Anyway, I was watching Aqua's ending subtitled here: Subtitled Video - Birth by Sleep Play Log and the things Yen Sid said reminded me of something. The way he talked about Ven reminded me a LOT of the beginning of Riku's story in CoM...
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    [SPOILERS] Vanitas' appearance explained

    I would be interested in where you read that Ven is definitely Sora's clone and that Vanitas is an Unversed, too, because I haven't seen that. :/ As far as I know, Ven is NOT a clone of Sora. At least, it hasn't been said that he is, but whatever. Ven and Sora's hearts were connected because...
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    Whose ending has shocked you most?

    I agree, Aqua's shocked me the most. Creating CO, being the only member of the trio still herself, meeting AtW after wandering for twelve years... Yeah, I was pretty shocked. Poor Aqua. D: Poor everyone, pretty much.
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    {Spoiler} Roxas?

    That's true, even if it wasn't in Sora's body it could have stayed connected to his. His heart was connected to his for BBS and he was still able to function, although obviously the destruction of Vanitas and the X-Blade changed that. And Roxas is Sora's Nobody (no way!) so that connection could...
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    {Spoiler} Roxas?

    Hmm, wasn't he still in Castle Oblivion at that point? I thought Namine and DiZ moved him when they put Roxas in the Digital Twilight Town. I suppose it's possible he was already moved at that point, but I thought it didn't happen until later. I certainly believe he is carrying what remains...
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    {Spoiler} Roxas?

    This is true. x3 I guess it could have been a combination of everything. Thank you! Been lurking for a while, finally got around to hitting that "Register" button. When my friend spoiled pretty much all of BBS, I figured it was as good a time to discuss as any. Right, looking back on it now...
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    {Spoiler} Roxas?

    Oh, hey there! So, um, I'm new. So my question might sound ridiculous, sorry. BUT. I was replaying Days the other day in an attempt to make myself feel a bit better about not being able to play BBS yet, and I got to the part where Roxas enters Castle Oblivion. He has a headache, gets flashes of...
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    Sora shared a paopu fruit with everyone in the universe, basically. D:
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    The first one is on-line at heartstation: Birth by Sleep Play Log - brought to you by HEARTSTATION.ORG EDIT: A little late, sorry. c:
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    What was the Point of Vanitas?

    A bunch of quotes from here: Xenoserphia's Birth By Sleep Playjournal *MASSIVE SPOILERS* - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Message Board for PSP - GameFAQs Sorry it's so long. ._. Also I'm new. Hi! =D
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    What was the Point of Vanitas?

    Right? D: Poor kid. I'm not entirely sure? It seems to hint that Ven's special somehow, though, because of the way some things say... But then, it's a pretty literal translation. Personally I'm inclined to think he's special somehow. It seems like Ven was MX's apprentice first, too? I'm not...
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    What was the Point of Vanitas?

    In the translated playjournal on GameFaqs MX created him after Ven seemed to refuse to use darkness to defeat the NeoShadows. I'm not sure if he needed some part of Ven's heart to give into the darkness, or if he needed for his heart to be in conflict to get the XBlade to show up. Or something...