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    Can you Jerk?

    Just as the title says, can you 'Jerk?' 1nC4ta93Mg8&
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    Lion Hat

    it's unicorn kid... didn't really come out as i was expecting but that's fine. :D cnc
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    ultima weapon

    where do i get that recipe at?
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    Xemnas's hideous black and white trench coat in the last battle.
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    Pyschic City

    well i tend to not go into illustrator much but i am trying to get more used to it. soo i drew this picture of deidara, scanned it in then attempted to color it. i was actually going for a more messy look with the whole outlining part, but it didn't come out very good. the colors look brighter...
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    Just beat proud mode.

    I just beat it and i got to see the 'The End' screen and it had all those stats or whatever, but i thought it gave you the option to save after that. I let the screen stay for about fifteen minutes but nothing happened. So i just reset the game and now i am back in TWTNW and i don't have final...
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    I love to draw

    sorry i am a VERY messy drawer, i had to photoshop a chocolate smudge off. :| ( yes i love to eat and draw ) tell me what you think, thanks :D
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    Proud Mode

    Well, i have tried proud mode time and time again and every time i just get so ticked because i get stuck somewhere. I'm currently level 38 on my return to beast's castle to defeat Xaldin. It's basically pretty hard, and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on what to do, or how to make things...
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    she's gonna teach me how to swim

    with text: without: um just going for some random weird tag i guess. CNC :D
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    don't think too much

    new alice bein' all mysterious! CNC i guess ;D
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    WATCHthis amazing music video :O

    WfBlUQguvyw that was SO amazing i think. very artistic, and clever and there was probably a LOT of thinking behind that!
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    Funniest Commercial EVA

    Hope this belongs here.... but yeah, this is seriously the best commercials can get: t0SchmcLXMQ
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    Twitch In My Leg

    Just wanted you all to know that all day today there has been a twitch in my leg. it feels weird. feel free to discuss twitching :D
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    Hardstyle Dance

    i have recently been watching some videos of people doing hardstyle/jumpingstyle/tektonic dances to techno. haha, it's sometimes really cool looking. i know i can't do it, but can any of you?
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    help with GIF file (animation)

    um, i made an avatar that flashes. ( i know very annoying to some of you ) but it won't let it upload as an animation, it only shows one layer of the color when it's supposed to be flashing. i saved it as a GIF and it uploaded the animation, but doesn't... animate. so i was wondering if there...
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    Favorite Roller Coasters (or AMUSEMENTPARKS)

    Um, i dunno about you guys but i love ROLLER COASTERS! 8D I live in Ohio and love to go to Kings Island which is home of very many famous roller coasters. I just wanted to know what all of your favorite roller coasters were? (or amusement park)
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    Taking BBS to the TV

    i don't even have a component cable, not to mention a PSP D: i better get on top of things!
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    is amazing, and i love this song: edLYiHfHmYo
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    dual wielding made KH2 so much fun, but also TOO easy. hopefully if they do include it in BBS (which i'm sure they will) it will still be just as difficult as it would be with one keyblade.